Home Emergency Kit in case of a disaster

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With everything happening in the world lately, we realize that there is a need for an at-home emergency kit more than ever. You need specific things in your home that will help if something happens. Every disaster is different. Maybe it’s a hurricane, and perhaps it’s an ice or snowstorm, or any unfortunate weather you need to be prepared to best help you and your family stay safe.

In this article, I will go over staple items you should keep in your house at all times.

Water Bottles or Jugs

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Water bottles or jugs are needed for many reasons. You will need water because of frozen pipes, main water break, health issues with cities water, and many more. Keep a couple cases of water in a cool place in the basement to always have.

First Aid Kit

Having an emergency kit is always necessary, even in more minor cases such as a small cut, bug bite, or if someone needs medicine for a cold. When you run low on anything in a first aid kit, make sure to fill the items back up!

Extra Batteries and Flash Lights

The power goes off in large and small storms. It’s always a good idea to have flashlights placed around the house where you can quickly get them. Have backup batteries to replace in the flashlights in case the batteries die.

Non-Perishable Foods

Have a shelf dedicated to non-perishable food items you don’t eat unless in an emergency. Keep this shelf stocked so that you can have a couple of days’ worth of food if something were to happen. Along with these items, keep two can openers on this shelf so you can open these food items.


Keep heavy warm blankets tucked away where you can find them when you need them. For example, the furnace might break in the winter, or you might get snowed inside the house. These blankets will help you and your family warm! Along with blankets, keeping extra gloves and socks around the house will help you stay even warmer!

Fire Extinguisher

This is a must in every household. A fire extinguisher can stop small and large fires if you catch them quickly. Before it turns into an uncontrollable fire, do your best to put it out with a fire extinguisher.

Cell Phone with Backup Battery

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The most popular cell phones these days don’t have interchangeable batteries. The batter is built into the phone. But what happens when the power goes out, your phone is dead, and you need to call someone. It’s a great idea to have a cell phone with a couple of batteries charged at all times in case of an emergency.

Protecting Your Family

Having all these items accessible in your home will ease your mind. You will be ready for emergencies that come your way. By having these items, you provide safety for yourself and your family. Buy these things knowing it’s an investment in your security! Make sure your whole family knows where these items are placed.

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