Kitchen Sink Options


The kitchen sink you pick is essential. This is something you will use daily! A functional kitchen sink beats style in this aspect of the house. Luckily, design has come so far that functionality can meet design standards easily.

Begin to think about what you use a kitchen sink for and how often you use it. Maybe you are a new mom or dad who baths their newborn in a sink.

Do you love to host? Then you know pretty well that you are standing at that kitchen sink all night getting the dishes cleaned and organized after a party. Do you have a family to feed every night and have a mess of dishes from cooking and eating?

When picking out the right kitchen sink for your lifestyle, these are all questions to ask yourself.

Double Bowl

kitchen sink double

The two shapes offered are the double bowl and the single bowl. Many times people aren’t sure which one would work best for them. So here are some pros and cons of the double bowl sink.

Pros of Double Bowl

  • Double bowl sinks can free up counter space. In one bowl you can simple set the dishes in so they aren’t all over your counter and on the other side you can be washing.
  • This may save water since you would only fill one side with water and soap to clean dishes. One side of the sink is way smaller than a big single sink.
  • Can use one side for soapy water and one side to rinse the dishes.

Cons of Double Bowl

  • Having two small bowls make it really hard to clean bigger kitchen items.
  • There is not as many faucet installation options as there is with a single bowl kitchen sink.
  • Double bowl sinks cost more money to buy and install.
  • If you have a smaller kitchen, double bowl sinks are harder to fit into.

Single Bowl

kitchen sink single

The single bowl sink options are becoming more popular since many people use the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand.

Pros of Single Bowl

  • You can wash large pots and pans easily with the room you have in the single bowl sink.
  • They have many options when it comes to size. Can be extremely large or small according to what your kitchen can fit.
  • You can easily replace a faucet with many options to choose from.
  • Less expensive to buy and have installed.
  • Less of a hassle to maintain considering its one bowl instead of two bowls.

Cons of Single Bowl

  • May end up using more water since it’s a bigger bowl to fill.
  • It may take up more counter space because of how large you can get them.

Which Sink Works Better For You

It comes down to personal preference and how you manage your kitchen. A majority of the decision depends on if you wash your dishes by hand or in the dishwasher. Which sink will be more beneficial to your day? Which one will make your life easier?

Either way, there is an endless variety of beautiful kitchen sinks to choose from, and either sink will be a great option! Happy sink hunting!

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