How to Make Your Window Well Look Beautiful? Basement Window Well Decoration Ideas.


Yes, window wells are made for safety. But, that doesn’t mean they have to look boring! There are many ways to spruce up that hole on the side or back of your home. Window well decor is a fine art. One that actually requires more finesse and imagination than you might think. From adding plants and lighting to incorporating artistic touches, there are endless basement window well decoration ideas to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Give your guests something to look out for instead of a metal structure. Make it eye-pleasing instead of an eyesore. When people walk into your basement, they will be impressed with the detail you put into your house by giving life to your window well. There are ways to make it look fantastic from the outside and inside of your home, and we are excited to share with you our ideas in this article!

Decorating Basement Window Wells From the Outside


Here at Window Well Experts, we strive to make the safest and the highest quality product out there. But we also have some style! We give you options. Different cover styles complement your basement window well decoration ideas.

We make excellent covers. These serve as maintenance and safety products so that nothing gets into that hole. But these aren’t the regular cheap-looking plastic ones you get at the big box stores. Instead, these are sleek, modern, and darn good-looking!

Our bubble and atrium dome window well covers are made from quality crystal-clear polycarbonate, which will not become yellow when exposed to the sun. The plastic in the cover alone has a 20 plus year longevity. The material is practically “unbreakable” and guarantees the basement safety and its intact looks over time.

One of our best sellers is the Super Slant cover. The model combines a perfectly clear glass-like top and the durable metal sides of a metal grate. The sides are made from aluminum to guarantee the durability of the product. Moreover, this cover is durable and lightweight and keeps constant fresh airflow to the basement.

Since we all know you are here for the window well decoration pictures, we are happy to share some of our top pics.

✅  Use Different Textures to Define the Well Area (Pebbles, Grass, Stones)

✅  Use Plants (Flowers or Shrubs) to Hide the Wells

✅  Add Garden Decorations to Make a Focal Point

✅  Let Your Children & Pets Play Safely (Our Covers Support Up to 400lbs)[/list_bullet][vc_column_text]Along with a window well cover, you can build a garden box around the window well! This will instantly give value to your home because of the beautiful landscape this brings.

For easier landscape, you have a rock bed around the window well cover. This looks great and is a low-maintenance way to do landscaping.

Window Well Decor From the Inside

decorative window well liner

Decorating basement window wells from the inside is a breeze. With us, you have multiple options to choose from.

Desire to look at something other than a piece of metal? Maybe you would like to look at a river scene, or maybe the ocean. You have these options with decorative window well liners! So relax in your basement and look out the window to see a gorgeous scene of nature. You can pick from the wide variety of scenes that we stock! They are fabulously easy to install, too!

Again, if you don’t want to look at metal, you don’t have to! We also offer faux rock window wells and models with garden steps for you to put plants on. Window well decor has never been easier!

Other Ideas on How to Decorate a Window Well

Stone Wall Metal Well As Seen From Within the Basement

The design options don’t stop there. With one of our stunning faux rock window wells, make your own window well garden! Put some rocks at the bottom and bring in some beautiful plants in pots! This gives a warm feeling to your cold basement and also brings in some fresh colors!

Don’t stop set limits to your imagination. There are hundreds of luxury backyard decoration ideas that might work around your window well.

Turn Boring Into Lively

Turning your window well into something great to look at isn’t so hard! Check out our blog to get great ideas on how to give life to your dull window well. You’ll feel better walking down into your basement when this design project is complete!

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