What You Need to Clean Your Backyard Pool

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Having a backyard pool is a luxury many people get to enjoy. It’s physical exercise and a relaxing getaway all in one. When owning a pool, you get to have fun, be active, and wind down all in your backyard.

You do hold responsibility when owning a pool as well. Cleaning is one of the many responsibilities you have as a pool owner. Cleaning this giant hole of water might be a daunting task; you can either hire someone to do it or do it yourself.

If you’re doing it yourself, this article will tell you the ins and outs of cleaning your pool. So get that thing sparkly clean and safe for people to enjoy!

Gross Water = No Fun

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An uncleaned pool comes with some safety issues for you, your family, and guests that use the pool. Neglecting your pool could mean nasty green waters. Algae can build up, and filters can get broken. These things need taken care of right away before awful bacteria start to destroy your outdoor fun.

Make sure these things don’t happen to you and practice these tips I’m about to share with you about maintenance and cleaning!

Backyard Pool Cleaning Supplies

Having the right supplies to keep your backyard pool clean is essential—these you should specifically have on hand at all times.

  • Skimmer: You need a skimmer to get anything that falls into the pool out such as leaves, bugs, cans, bottles, any small item you can think of. Get these items with the skimmer before they reach the bottom of the pool!
  • Brushes: Make pool cleaning easy by scrubbing the walls and floors with a pool brush to move debris.
  • Vacuums and Hoses: Vacuums are an important part of the cleaning process. They get the dirt that has settles to the bottom of the pool.
  • Telescoping Pole: This is needed for all the equipment mentioned above. This is attached to these items to make them longer for you to be able to reach every part of the pool. This keeps the entire pool clean.
  • Leaf Traps: These go on to the vacuum to suck up the leaves and trap them into a container which is called the leaf trap or leaf container. They get these little items before they sink to the floor of the pool.
  • Water Testing Kit: You need this to check the chemical levels in your water about once a week.

Tips For Cleaning  and Maintaining a Backyard Pool

  1. Make skimming and scrubbing a priority. Doing this will help your pool from forming nasty build up and having little items all over the bottom of it.
  2. Check chemical levels often. I would suggest about once a week. If you fail to do this, the chemical levels can become dangerous and build up bacteria in your pool.
  3. Invest in a pool cover to keep debris out of the pool.
  4. Throw a tennis ball into your pool. This will help soak up the oil that the pool has acquired.

Summertime Fun


Now that you know these cleaning tips, everyone will enjoy a sparkly clean pool to swim in!

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