Why You Need a Home Security System

Home security system

Have you ever thought about installing a home security system? Keeping your family, your home, and your possessions safe is a must! According to the Safe Guard, the homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

They also point out that 66% of all burglaries are in homes. These are high numbers that might make you want to truly think about protecting your home even more.

Make your home less vulnerable to criminals and think about having a home security system.

Home Security Systems

home security system

You know home security systems keep your home safe, but what exactly do they do? And that’s a good question. Not all security systems work the same.

A basic home alarm contains one or multiple sensors for an alarm to go off if an intruder is around the house.

But, home alarms have some along way with technology. With more popular home security systems now, you can lock your doors, see the outside of your home, shut your garage door, and turn an alarm on all with your cell phone.

Here are the top home security systems for 2017 according to the PC Magazine:

  1. Vivint Smart Home

  2. ADT Pulse

  3. Adobe Home Security Starter Kit

  4. SimpliSafe Home Security System

  5. Frontpoint Home Security System

  6. LiveWatch Plug & Protect IQ 2.0

  7. Skylink Net Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200)

  8. Protect America Home Security

Most of these are easy to install yourself or you can get it professionally installed. Not all, but some come with 24/7 security monitoring, multiple cameras on outside and inside of home, and a security system you can monitor from your smartphone.

It varies, but some come with these features too:

  • Power Outage Back

  • Cellular Backup

  • Environmental Sensors

  • IFTTT Support

  • Voice Assistant Capability

  • Z-Wave/ZigBee Capability

If you live in an apartment and only want to have a camera installed to look at it when you’re not at home, that’s completely doable as well!

Other Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

  • Yes, home security systems are extremely important for keeping all your loved ones in your home safe. There are some other things you can do to keep your home safe as well.
  • Become good friends with your neighbor and promise to keep an eye out on each other’s home. This can come in handy when you are away on vacation, out of town for the weekend, or just out for the day.
  • Have a television and light timers to go off at different time. This acts as movement in the house when you are not even home.
  • Since your sliding glass door is only secured by a latch, place a piece of wood where the door slides back and forth so that the door doesn’t budge.
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are locked at all times when you are away from the house.
  • Break-ins happen more often in July and August because people are away on vacation. Make sure to implement these tips into your home especially during these months.

Keep Your Home Safe

home security tips

Your family is more important than anything else, make sure you are using a security system or using these tips in your home to keep them safe!

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