Atrium Window Well Cover

The Atrium Dome window well covers are designed to protect your well and the portion of your window that comes above the top of your window well. We make these covers to your specific needs, like a casement/crank-out window that can’t open with a commonly available low-profile window well covers. Many customers prefer this cover just for the good looks of it!

  • Made from Crystal-Clear Extremely Durable Polycarbonate
  • UV-Treated To Prevent Yellowing and Breakage
  • Always Egress Compliant on an Egress-Sized Well
  • Custom-Fit To YOUR Well Perfectly
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Optional: Locking System For The Cover
  • Optional: Aluminum Mesh Sides For Ventilation

Custom-Designed Atrium Dome Window Well Cover 

These covers are designed to accommodate casement/crank-out style windows that need a unique cover because the low profile style covers prevent the window from opening out into the well for emergency escape.

Product Features:

  • On-Demand American-Made Product. These crystal-clear window well covers are custom designed to fit any width, projection, and height, ensuring a fit for your unique requirements. Crafted with precision and care in the USA, these covers reflect our commitment to quality and excellence in every detail. If you have a crank-out or casement window, this dome is designed for you. 
  • Unobstructed View. Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings with our dome covers, which offer an unobstructed view of your outdoor space. Unlike other covers that may interfere with your line of sight, our design prioritizes clarity and visibility, allowing you to fully appreciate your surroundings.
  • Durability. Engineered for longevity, our window well covers are made from high-quality polycarbonate plastic that is built to last. With exceptional strength and resilience, these covers can withstand various environmental factors, ensuring reliable protection for your basement windows.
  • Ventilation. Breathe easy knowing that our covers offer optional mesh fronts and sides for enhanced ventilation. This feature not only promotes airflow within your basement but also facilitates proper ventilation for air conditioning units and other machinery, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Invest in superior quality with our Atrium Dome Covers. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics, all backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in every aspect of our product. Discover the difference today.

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R. Blank, Stamford, ConnecticutR. Blank

Exact sizing and attention to detail. Awesome!!
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Larry G, St. Louis, MissouriLarry G

They work well keeping out rain and debris.  They also help to prevent the grand kids from falling in the window well. Thanks for the excellent covers - a happy Ohio customer

Larry G.'s atrium well covers and backyard garden
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Allegra & Chris L, Pierre, South DakotaAllegra & Chris L

We still have some tidying up to do with cable and phone lines but the cover looks great and durable. A big thanks to the production team. Wisconsin rocks!
custom window well cover for a concrete well

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