Why Choose Window Well Experts?

Why Choose Window Well Experts?

Why Choose Window Well Experts? 1

If you have a basement window, you need a window well. A properly covered window well protects your home and enhances its value. A lot of stores and online retailers sell window well supplies, so why choose Window Well Experts over the competition? If you’re in the market for a well, Window Well Experts is your best bet for quality, price, selection and customer service. For almost half a century, Window Well Experts has been making, selling and installing window wells, covers and accessories. Window wells are our entire business, and it’s this combination of experience and focus that sets us apart from other companies. We’re available seven days a week by phone or email, and we’ll be glad to give you advice on your window well needs, along with a free estimate.

We Have the Widest Selection

If you’re shopping at a big box store, or even at some specialty retailers, you’re stuck with a limited selection of window wells and window well covers. Given the pivotal importance of fit to an effective window well solution, that’s a real problem. At Window Well Experts, we make our wells in dozens of heights, widths and projections, and that’s not counting the custom wells we can make to order. We have wells that will fulfill the egress requirements for building codes across the United States and Canada. Because we also make our window well covers in-house, we can ensure a snug fit between your new well and its cover.

Our Standards of Quality Are the Highest

Our window wells and covers come in many sizes, but there’s one area where our selection isn’t diverse: we only sell top-quality products. We make our wells at our headquarters in Delavan, WI, out of sturdy, rust-resistant galvanized steel and deluxe, crack-proof composite plastic. These materials are recommended for window wells because they won’t collapse, buckle or bend, and because they’re constructed out of a single piece of material, they won’t leak like stone or lumber wells. While many window well covers are made of brittle, flimsy materials, our Lexan (TM) polycarbonate covers and rustproof aluminum grates are capable of resisting over 400 pounds of pressure, while remaining lightweight enough for easy removal in case of emergency. We know natural light and durability are the most important features a window well cover can have, and that’s why we UV treat all our polycarbonate covers, so they won’t fade, discolor or grow brittle for 15 years.

We’ve Seen it All

It’s one thing to supply the products you need, but it’s another to make sure you have the right ones. That’s where our expertise comes in. Founder Joe Sikorski started selling window well covers door to door in 1975, and after a lifetime in the window well business, he still runs the company today. We’ve got a team of people with years of experience making, selling and installing window wells to homeowners and contractors, so whether we’re making sure your well is the right size for your house or advising you on what shape of window well cover to choose, you can count on our knowledge. Why choose Window Well Experts? More than anything, it’s a matter of having peace of mind

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