Window Well Covers near Madison, WI

Window Well Covers near Madison, WI

Our name says it all: Window Well Experts are the most knowledgeable producers and sellers of window well covers near Madison, WI. Founded in 1975 in Wisconsin, we use our decades of experience to make sure that residents and builders get the right window well and the right cover for their basement. Whether you need to maximize natural light from a small window, outfit an emergency egress well with the most secure cover available, or something else entirely, we have the products you’ll need and the expertise to guide you in the right direction. Just give us a phone call seven days a week, or send us an email, and we’ll get back to you with the materials and guidance you need.

Flat Window Well Covers near Madison, WI

If your basement windows don’t need ground clearance, and you don’t need a design that drains water and ice away from your home, a flat window well cover may be the choice you’re looking for. Window Well Experts sells flat window well covers near Madison, WI, in a variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring that your cover will fit tightly and keep water, debris and animals out of your basement. Like all of our window well covers, these are made of high-durability Lexan (TM) polycarbonate. They can withstand more than 400 pounds of impact, preventing breakage and ensuring you and your loved ones’ safety even if they step or fall onto the cover. We UV treat the covers so that they’ll stay clear and resilient for more than a decade, protecting your house and letting light in.

Window Well Grates near Madison, WI

A grate is a popular alternative to plastic window well covers. While grates don’t keep out rain or snow, they’re just as lightweight and sturdy as polycarbonate covers, and Window Well Experts’ aluminum grates are naturally rustproof. The big advantage for window well grates near Madison, WI is airflow: if you have a fan, vent or air conditioner in your basement, a grate allows air to pass through while still keeping the window area covered. For the best of both worlds, we also offer multiple designs that combine grates and solid covers. Give us a call for details!

Slant Dome Window Well Covers near Madison, WI

At Window Well Experts, we pride ourselves on the ability to make your ideal grate to order. For example, do you need slant dome window well covers near Madison, WI? If you have an irregularly shaped or located window well, you might. Combining a sloped top with vertical sides, these window wells are useful if you need a window well that repels water and snow, but your window extends above ground level. You may also need a custom slant dome cover in an egress well to ensure enough headroom to escape. This is just one of the many custom solutions we can offer. If you need a high-quality window well, and even our enormous selection of standard shapes and sizes won’t do the job you’re looking for, just ask.

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