5 Reasons to Use Window Wells

Homeowners and contractors across the United States and Canada turn to Window Well Experts for the best in the window well, well covers, and accessories industry. There are many reasons for using window wells, and Window Well Experts’ wells fulfill all of your needs. From providing natural light and ventilation to serving as emergency exits, the purpose of window wells extends far beyond mere aesthetics. Since 1975, we’ve been manufacturing and selling window wells, covers, and related accessories (hinges, locks, ladders, etc.). So if you have a basement window, we’ve got the products you need and the expertise to help you find the right ones.

Window Wells Shield Your Home

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Without a securely covered window well, your home is vulnerable to various destructive forces. Rain, snow, and ice can collect outside your basement windows or vents, increasing the risk of flooding and water damage to your home’s exterior. An uncovered window area will quickly fill up with dirt, leaves, mulch, garbage, and more debris, requiring frequent cleaning and potentially damaging your windows. These factors make a basement window area a regular breeding ground for vermin, from rats and mice to frogs and snakes. An improperly protected window area can even collapse, causing severe property damage to your window and your basement. Window Well Experts’ window wells and covers are sturdily constructed, and because they’re made to install easily and fit your house precisely, they won’t leak, rust, buckle or crack under pressure.

Window Wells Protect Your Family

Without a securely covered window well, you and your family run the risk of falling into the pits around your basement windows. A misstep or fall could have disastrous consequences, and if a well doesn’t secure the ground, even walking near the window could result in the dirt giving way. Guard yourself against this hazard by installing a high-quality window well with a cover designed to resist impacts. Window Well Experts’ clear polycarbonate well covers and lightweight aluminum grates can withstand over 400 pounds of force, making them almost unbreakable. Their durability also makes it almost impossible for an intruder to enter your home through the basement.

Window Wells Save Lives

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Across America and Canada, local building codes require any basement bedroom to have an escape route in case of fire or another emergency. Whether or not you’re using your basement as a bedroom, though, an egress window well is a great idea. Window Well Experts makes sturdy metal and composite window wells that satisfy cities and states laws across North America. We also sell ladders that attach easily to your window well, and our lightweight window well covers and grates can be easily opened with quick-release locking mechanisms.

Window Wells Beautify Your Basement

Your basement windows are a great source of natural light, and our window wells only enhance it. By clearing out the area around your windows, a window well provides sunlight with a clear path into your basement. Our Lexan (TM) polycarbonate well covers are UV treated to resist fading or discoloration for over a decade, ensuring unobstructed, beautiful light for a long time to come. We offer even more options to help your basement look its best, from wells with painted stone or contemporary white finishes to colorful vinyl liners.

Window Wells Save on Energy

In addition to brightening the room, sunlight can do a lot to cut into your electric bill. Even when it’s not preventing damage, your window well will save you money by keeping your window clean and letting the sunshine in. Because our window well covers are so easy to wash, you don’t need to do much maintenance to maximize the light you get. We even sell reflective window well liners, which can triple the amount of light the sun brings into your basement. They’re an excellent choice for your furnished basement rooms.

In conclusion, understanding the purpose of a window well is essential for maximizing its benefits in your home. Window wells not only enhance safety and security but also allow for increased natural light, ventilation, and emergency egress. By investing in quality window wells from Window Well Experts, you’re not just enhancing the aesthetics of your property; you’re also prioritizing functionality. So, whether you’re looking to comply with building codes or simply improve the livability of your space, remember: what is the purpose of a window well? It’s about safety, comfort, and enhancing the overall value of your home.

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