Window Well Covers: The 2023 Creepy Edition

Halloween - Creepy edition

Imagine walking out at night and meeting one of the window wells or covers we will show you in a second. Broken bones will be your slightest worry, especially if you encounter a broken window well cover.


In a burst of pre-Halloween inspiration, our sales team participated in creating the 2023 list of the scariest window well sites they’ve seen. Oh, have they seen some spooky sites!

With a dose of humor and a dose of compassion for the homeowners who see them every day, we named these poor wells. Here is our Most Wanted Halloween list: 

Dirty Frank

This dirty boy is covered in tons of dust. Not only does he look creepy, but, like most things hidden beneath a layer of dirt, he hides potential danger. The substance surrounding it is actually conveyor belt rubber,  which is often slippery when wet. Now, imagine walking by or, even worse – stepping on it by accident. 

🚑 We can already see the lights of an ambulance coming for some poor fellow who just fell in.


The Solution

A Sloped Cover will provide stability, security, and a touch of finesse to your window well. If your window is above the lip of the well we can add a Back Panel to keep your well clean and dry.

Under “The Ancient Willy

We think this would have been the vent well cover of an ancient pharaoh’s tomb if they needed any fresh air. Something so ancient doesn’t have a place in any property in 2023.  

Firstly, Willy doesn’t let any light penetrate the basement. Secondly, we are not at all sure if Willy could withstand anyone accidentally stepping on him.

Rectangular brick well with a flat low-profile cover. The cover has full overlap - covers the sides of the well fully. Cover size: 61" x 31".

The Solution

Sloped or Flat window well cover come with a Lifetime Warranty. Even if you let them gather a thick layer of dust (not that we recommend it), you can still rest assured that your cover will support up to 400 lbs. The UV protection we add to our polycarbonate will protect the plastic from the sun’s rays and prevent deterioration and breakage.

The Sun-Burnt John 

Well, yellow isn’t a bad color in general, but think about replacing it if your well cover looks like John. Cheap, big-box store covers are not made with UV protection in mind. Therefore, in a year or less, they tend to turn brittle and yellow. Basically, they also suffer sunburn.

Also, having a hole in the middle of this cheap plastic molded cover does not meet our idea of covering anything at all. We bet the owners of this home aren’t happy when it rains directly into their window well! 

42 x 38 x 13 Low Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells

The Solution

An Atrium Cover will improve your outlook! Compared with The Sun-Burnt John, this cover is clearly the better choice for these reasons: First of all the UV-protected plastic is crystal clear, and with our UV

protected plastic, it will stay that way for years to come. Also, take a good look at where both covers touch the foundation wall. The molded cover will keep that crank-out window from opening, either for ventilation or emergency escape. The Atrium cover is designed to be sure that the basement windows can open freely.

Metal Moe’s crooked smile 

This is how your smile would look if you had never visited a dentist in your whole life. Honestly, it could be worse, but a well in such a bad shape is scary, ugly, and dangerous. 

semicircular window well cover

The Solution

Replace that Semicircle metal well and top it off with a simple cover to match. The cover will protect your well not only from rain, snow, debris and unwanted guests, it will also help protect the well and your window by keeping them clean and dry.

The endless hollow of horror – ET

🎈A red balloon is the only item missing in this photograph, so this well would look like a scene from the movie “ЕT,” don’t you think? 

Maybe you won’t see some supernatural creature coming out of there, but we have seen some weird stuff coming out of the wells. Last year we had a series of wells filled with skunks, mice, salamanders, even a wild moose, and numerous weird insects.

elongated sloped cover 40x14 1

The Solution

Window Well Extension + Sloped Window Well Cover (just because we don’t want any critters nesting in the well.) This team packs a punch – raising the lip of the well above the grade, and adding a cover will keep wet and animals out!

Johnny Cage 

If your home is not the dog pound from 101 Dalmatians, you shouldn’t cover it with restrictive cages. Moreover, this installation is definitely hard-to-remove and by all means not egress-code-compliant. So, your brand new egress metal well can no longer serve as the escape route in case of a true emergency like a fire.


The Solution

Sloped Window Well Cover or a Metal Grate. These low profile solutions will keep you safe from above but can be pushed aside for emergency escape. These non-scary covers blend into your landscape unobtrusively and protect your wells from debris.

Final Thoughts on Scary Window Wells

Leaving your window wells covers caved in, rotten, or even cracked, and without any cover is an invitation for trouble. Be it wild animals, weird insects, or other unexpected creatures, you are literally opening the doors of your home to them. So get your “bulletproof” polycarbonate or metal grate, along with a beautiful, heavy-duty well, and rest assured that your basement will be properly protected from whatever is “out there”.

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