Window Wells near Waukegan, IL

Window Wells near Waukegan,IL

If you have a basement, a reliable window is a small investment that can save you a great deal. At Window Well Experts, we know the pitfalls of a damaged, nonexistent, or improperly covered window well, and it’s our job to help you avoid them. In the 40 years since our founding, we’ve seen property damage caused by flooding, animals, debris, and collapse. In some cases, the damage caused has been minor, but it’s cost homeowners many thousands of dollars to repair in others. That’s not even counting window wells’ ability to provide homeowners with a fire exit in case of emergency, or the energy savings and beautification they provide to a home by increasing the natural light your basement receives. There are many reasons for installing new, durable window wells near Waukegan, IL, but whatever you need, you’ll only need to start with one step: call or email us with your needs, and get a free estimate.

Plastic Composite Egress Window Wells Near Waukegan, IL

Across the country, more and more local building codes require egress windows in any basement room being used as a bedroom. Whether or not your basement is furnished, though, you can greatly improve your family’s safety by installing Window Well Experts’ plastic composite egress window wells near Waukegan, IL. These deluxe wells come in multiple sizes and feature built-in steps. Due to their durable materials and careful construction, these wells won’t shift or crack under pressure, making them an excellent choice. With an attractive stacked stone look in granite or sandstone colors, they’ll improve the looks of your basement while protecting your house and your family. Combine them with a window well cover and quick-release locks, both of which are available through Window Well Experts, and you’ll have a great solution for your home’s security.

Galvanized Steel Window Wells Near Waukegan, IL

Galvanized steel is the most popular material for window wells, and we recommend it highly at Window Well Experts. Galvanized steel resists bending, shifting, leaks and rust, making it a heavy-duty choice for home protection no matter what weather conditions you’re dealing with. Because Window Well Experts’ entire business is manufacturing and selling window wells and accessories, and because we make all our wells at our headquarters in Delavan, Wisconsin, we can offer wells in dozens of sizes, heights, and shapes, ensuring that your well will suit your home’s needs perfectly. If you need galvanized steel window wells near Waukegan, IL, Window Well Experts has you covered.

White Window Wells Near Waukegan, IL

If you’re looking for a window well that suits your basement’s design, Window Well Experts offers a wide variety of options. Among our most popular choices, especially for modern homes, are white window wells near Waukegan, IL. We make our top-quality galvanized steel window wells, then finish them in a clean white color that combines beautifully with the natural light you’ll get through our clear UV-treated Lexan (TM) polycarbonate well covers. Easy to clean and resistant to discoloration, our white wells will increase your property value and beautify your basement for years to come. We even sell matching white egress ladders for your window. Give us a call to find out all your options for a more secure, more attractive basement.

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