4 DIY Outdoor Projects To Do This Summer

Wooden tree ring bench

Looking for awesome DIY projects to do this summer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Spice up the outside of your house, add some curb appeal, and have a blast doing it.

These DIY outdoor projects will make your house stand out above the rest in your neighborhood!

1. Build a Garden Box

backyard garden

Wouldn’t you love fresh vegetables from your own backyard? You could walk right outside your back door and grab a basket of tomatoes. Sound good to you? Let’s make it happen, in a stylish way of course.

You can simply buy a do it yourself raised garden bed kit from Natural Yards. They have simple and elaborate raised garden beds that are both simple to put together.

  1. First, level out the ground where you would like to place the bed.
  2. Next, stack the wood boards on top of one another.
  3. Place the pins in the spots directed to hold it together.

This makes your backyard pop while the box keeps the dirt and plants clean and tidy looking.

2. DIY Outdoor Bench

Building a bench in your backyard is way easier than you may think. You only need a couple supplies to put this project together!

You will need 12 cinder blocks, 4 4X4X10 pieces of lumber, and concrete adhesive. That’s it!

  1. On a sturdy foundation, stand 4 cinder blocks up vertically. Spread the concrete adhesive on the tops of these cinder blocks and place two cinder blocks on top horizontally.
  2. Do the same thing about 6 feet away from these blocks. On the top where the two horizontal cinder blocks are, take the lumber planks and stick them through the square openings.
  3. Add some decorative pillows and your bench is ready to relax in!

3. Build A Tree Ring Bench

Have a big beautiful tree in your yard and want to sit comfortably under it? Building a tree ring bench around it is the perfect afternoon reading place with some shade!

FreshPatio.com gives detailed plans on how to build this inviting bench around your tree. You’ll need wood boards, a saw, spacers, a drill, bolts, etc.

This is a pretty in-depth project. Give yourself a full weekend to complete this. It will be absolutely worth it though!

4. Install A Window Well Grate

aluminum window well grate white

Do you have a window well cutting into your back deck? Seamlessly blend it into the deck by installing a window well grate cover yourself.

Do it yourself by measuring your window well opening, ordering a custom window well grate cover, and install it!

When you receive your window well grate, you will get simple detailed instructions on how to install the cover. It only takes about 45 minutes to install most of the window well covers.

Not only does this cover add a little design element to something that was once an open ugly hole, but it keeps your kids, family, and pets safe from falling in!

Feel Accomplished

Checking projects off your DIY to do list is probably the most accomplishing feeling! Adding these little touches to your backyard will make your home more inviting.

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