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What Makes Our Products the Best Out There

What sets us apart? A passion to keep people safe. A passion to design the best quality window well products that we possibly can!

Lifetime Warranty

lifetime warranty badge

Lifetime warranties are provided on the sloped, flat, and bubble window well covers. This lifetime warranty protects you from…

  • Broken aluminum parts, hinges, or locks
  • Cracks or splits in the Polycarbonate cover
  • Broken clips that attach the cover on the well

Other products such as custom aluminum grates and atrium covers have a 7 year warranty which is amazing!

To find out more about our warranties click here!

Built in the USA

Don’t you love when you find products that say, “Made in the U.S.A”? We love to buy items that are made in the U.S.A because we’re proud of them.

With Window Well Experts that’s exactly what you get. Hard working Americans making window well products made to last.

It’s something we take pride in and know you will appreciate too!


bubble window well cover

Durability and strength is promised with our products! Instead of using cheap materials, we use polycarbonate! We use this because its strong and has the gorgeous look of glass.

Safety is the biggest reason we pick this material. If your child is running around the yard and steps on our window well cover, it won’t break. These strong products hold up to 400 pounds!

Exact Fit

Not all window wells are made the same. That’s why we make them exactly to fit your unique window well! No matter what size, shape, or style your window well is, we will provide the exact measurements you need.

We make the measuring process simple. Click the link that says, “Get a Free Estimate”. Next enter your email to get the measuring guide that we put together for you!

Once you measure your window well, the next step has you enter your measurements. Then we will send you a free estimate! Easy, right?

UV Treated

Have you ever seen those hideous yellow tinted window well covers? Not too pleasing to the eye, huh?

Our window well covers will NEVER turn yellow on you! That’s because they are treated with a UV film. No matter how much the sun shines in your state, the UV rays will not damage it at all.

Easy Installation

Detailed instructions are included with every shipment! The installation process only takes about 45 minutes. If you need more help on how to install your new window well cover, click here!


polycarbonate window well cover

From the windows, window well covers, to the window well decretive liners, style is a common denominator!

Unlike the big box stores, our window well products add value to your home and exterior. Most of our window well covers look exactly like glass and stay crystal clear!

Our grate window well covers can be powder coated any color you would like to match the beautiful style of your home.

Want to bring some style to your boring window well? Our decorative liners for our window wells give a scenic look when looking out the basement window.


You can trust that we work our hardest to make the best quality product we can for you and your families safety! If you have any questions at all, contact us and we would be more than happy to help!

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