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Window well shopping is about more than finding a well to surround your windows. Sure, you need a sturdy well that keeps water, snow and debris out and won’t rust or bend, and you need a window well cover that sheds water out from your home top the surrounding area, but you also need the expertise of someone who’s spent years working solely with window wells. You need a company that makes the products they sell on site, so they can guarantee their premium quality. You need a company with the selection to make sure you get a well that fits your house perfectly, the tools or assistance you need to install the well, and the ability to make a well cover that actually fits the well it’s designed to cover. That’s why you need Window Well Experts near Chicago. Founded in 1975, Window Well Experts has been manufacturing, selling and installing window wells and covers in Illinois, Wisconsin and across North America ever since. They know everything these is to know about window wells and accessories, and they’ll work with you to make sure you have the solution that fits your home. They’ll even provide you with a free estimate in advance by phone or email.

Why You Need Window Wells

The Chicagoland area features more window wells per home than anywhere else in the world, and between the many basements in the area and the rain and snow it receives, that’s not surprising. A durable window well and high-quality window well cover are hugely important for protecting your home and saving money on electricity and heat. Window Well Experts specializes in heavy-duty galvanized steel and composite plastic window wells, which they make on site at their Delavan, WI headquarters. Because these wells are made of strong substances treated to be waterproof, they’re less prone to collapsing, cracking and rusting than flimsier materials, and because they consist of one seamless surface, they won’t leak like stone or wooden wells. Our Lexan (TM) polycarbonate window well covers and aluminum grates are able to withstand more than 400 pounds of weight, protecting you, your family, your pets and your property in case of a fall or impact. Unlike low-quality plastic covers, the Lexan covers are UV treated to prevent discoloration, fading or brittleness for well over a decade. Because we make both the wells and covers on site, we can offer an unparalleled selection of sizes, and we can guarantee that they’ll fit together as intended, preventing gaps between your well and its cover.

Why You Need Experts

In 1975, teenager Joe Sikorski founded Window Well Experts, selling window well covers door to door. More than 40 years later, he’s still in charge of the company, and he’s surrounded himself with a staff of people who’ve been working with window wells for years. That means we’ve seen — and fixed — every window well problem imaginable, and we can steer you in the right direction to avoid them yourself. A good window well isn’t much good if it doesn’t fit your window correctly, or if it’s installed improperly. We have the experience to help you choose the right height, width and projection your windows need, to match your window to an appropriate cover, and to foresee problems that might not occur to most homeowners, from drainage issues to uneven foundations. If you’re installing your well yourself, we provide all the tools, supplies and instructions you’ll need to make sure your well attaches correctly and stays attached. If you’d rather hire the professionals to do the job, we can recommend people who’ll do it right. No matter what you need, you can call or email us 7 days a week, and we’ll use our expertise to make sure your wells work out as intended.

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