Seven Easy Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Small bathroom

At one point or another, most of us have had a small bathroom we wish could be bigger. Maybe it was a tiny powder room, small upstairs bathroom, or a basement bathroom. No matter what bathroom it was, you always felt uncomfortable using it because it was such a tight space!

Luckily, there are some tricks you can implement in your small bathroom to make it look bigger and feel bigger than it actually is.

Time to put your creativity to work!

1. Mirrors

Put a large mirror above the sink, make it as big as you can! The mirror will reflect the light around the room making it appear more open. More light is always a good thing.

If you have a window in your bathroom, place a mirror across from it. This will reflect the beautiful natural light.

2. Bathroom Window

Stay away from dark window treatments. If your bathroom has a window, take advantage of it! Use the natural light to brighten up the place.

If you want to put window treatment up, use a light color and a light fabric to dress the window up yet keep light coming through the curtain.

3. Colors

Bathroom with a mirror

Picking light colors in a small space is always the answer to making spaces feel bigger. Colors such as white, off-white, light pastels such as blue, purple, pink, and yellow will all do well in a small bathroom. A light gray is always a great option too.

4. Sink

A big bulky sink will make a room feel cramped. Ditch the sink with bulky cabinets underneath and trade it in for a pedestal sink.

To free up even more space, you can get a wall-mounted sink. These look sharp and sleek for a beautiful modern design.

5. Open Shelving

To make up for the room you lost with the cabinets under the sink, you can store things neatly on open shelves. Place the shelves above the toilet. Make sure they don’t stick out farther than the top of the toilet.

Use decorative baskets for keeping necessary bathroom items such as toilet paper.

6. Flooring

Light gray hardwood pattern

  • To keep everything light and airy, go with a light-colored floor. Nice gray wood tones or white tile would work perfectly.
  • If you are using an engineered wood floor, make sure it is waterproof!
  • If replacing the flooring isn’t an option, you can always place a big light-colored rug on the floor. This is a perfect inexpensive way to cover up the dark floors.

7. Remove All Clutter

Anything that isn’t necessary to have in your bathroom, get rid of it. Clutter makes rooms look smaller than they are, and that’s definitely not the goal here! If you need to hide anything like I said above you can put them in decorative baskets. Keep the necessary items in a nearby closet.

What a Small Bathroom?

Making these simple and easy changes will improve the space of your small bathroom. Now, it will look open, airy, and not so small!

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