Aluminum Window Well Grates

Aluminum Window Well Grates

Let’s Talk Metal!

Have you been making do?  Making do is ok for a stopgap measure, but is it safe? Aluminum grates are ideal for egress and larger size window wells. Their lightweight assures that your family can escape from a hazardous situation in your basement and allows for municipal code compliance, yet they are safe to walk on and hold 400 pounds. We can make a window well grate to suit any size well. Larger size wells need an escape hatch to ensure that the smallest member of your family can escape easily. See photo below:

Aluminum Window Well Grate

The hatch does have a pop-up bar for ease of use.  The placement of the hatch is determined by the placement of your escape ladder and/or the way your window opens.

On metal window wells, an escape hatch is usually unnecessary, as the grates are light enough to push aside.  We make the grates to your well size, so if your well is a non-standard size or misshapen, we can accommodate you easily.

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