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The Dangers of Uncovered Window Wells

In your backyard, a window well is necessary but can be dangerous if you’re not careful. They are there to protect you and make way for an emergency exit, so very much needed! But it’s important to know the dangers of a window well so that you can protect yourself, your family, and your pets.

Prevent Children from Serious Injury

Unfortunately, kids seem to find their way near a window well and accidentally fall in. They love playing outside, but they don’t love paying attention to where they are going. So it doesn’t have to be a safety concern if you add a window well cover.

A simple solution! You can have peace of mind knowing your kids are playing in the yard, and there is no possible way they will fall into a window well. They might fall in the grass and get scrapped up but won’t fall into a well and get seriously injured.

Protect Your Pets

If your pet has gone missing, sometimes you can find them stuck in your window well. Not only do your kids like to run around without looking where they’re going, but pets do too! We all know how clumsy dogs and cats can be. Window wells are a risk factor for them to fall into with no way of getting out themselves. Again, an easy fix is getting a window well cover. You don’t have to worry about the size of your well because our window well covers will fix your exact demotions. They are also easy to install! Keep your loving pets safe and sound.

Potential Water Build Up

Do you maintain your window well often? If the answer is no, there is a possibility of water getting built up. A common issue is a window well drain clogging up. This can happen from all kinds of debris getting into your well. Yet again, a window well cover will simplify your life. You won’t have to maintain your window well nearly as often. If it’s covered, nothing can get in and clog up the drain!

The danger of water getting built up in your well is that there is always a chance it can leak into your house. A wet basement is not something you want to mess with! However, there is an answer to this problem as well. Replacing your basement window can be a small solution to prevent a huge problem such as flooding your basement. A small cost now that avoids a potentially high cost in the future!

Unmaintained Emergency Exit Area

What happens if you need to escape a window well, but it’s not maintained properly? You might not be able to get out as efficiently as you and your family need to.

A certain issue that can come about is rusting, especially on a window well ladder. If your ladder is rusting, it has the potential to break when it has been put enough pressure on it.

You want to ensure your basement well is covered so that items don’t randomly get in the drain, which might flood. We all know water causes things to rust! If you don’t have a cover, make sure you’re maintaining your window well drain not to clog and bring water to the ladder.

Our window well egress ladders are made to last if you have a window well cover or not. You can check them out here and find the perfect one for your window.

As you can see, window wells can be very dangerous, but you can take precautions against the danger. Keep your family, kids, and pets safe by adding some of the products to your window well that I listed above. You will be so glad you did!

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