Find your perfect fit Window Well Cover. As a manufacturer, we produce all shapes, sizes, and styles covers. Each product is built in our factory based in Walworth County, United States and is made to last.

Window Well Expert’s crystal clear covers are made from Polycarbonate. They are treated with a UV film to protect it against yellowing and damage. All covers are custom-built to fit any window well exactly… no matter the shape, size, or style of the well.

We design window well covers to fit metal, composite, wood, concrete, plastic, and stone window wells!

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As a manufacturer, we can build extra-large window well covers, including oversized plexiglass covers for industrial buildings. Likewise, some of our residential customers request extra small exterior basement covers. No matter the size, or where in the United States you might be, do not hesitate to contact our support team and request a quote.

Our products look and feel like glass but have the added durability and strength of Polycarbonate. Not the cheap, brittle plastic like the big box stores!

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Custom made to fit your well perfectly!

  • Custom-designed to fit any shape, size, and type of window well this polycarbonate window well cover by Window Well Experts provides the protection you need from the elements. Supports up to 400 pounds Crystal-clear Polycarbonate UV-treatment prevents yellowing Custom-fit to YOUR well perfectly Lifetime Warranty View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • Custom fabricated aluminum grate window well covers fit your window well exactly and allow air-flow into your basement. Lightweight, rust-free Aluminum design Supports up to 40 pounds per square foot 7 Years Warranty Custom-fit to YOUR well Optional Powder-Coating Optional Emergency Escape Hatch View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • Our Atrium Dome clear window well covers are designed to cover your window above the top of your window well. We make these covers to your specific needs. Many customers prefer this cover just for the good looks of it! Crystal-clear Polycarbonate Custom-fit to YOUR well perfectly UV-treated to prevent yellowing View More PhotosGet a Free…

  • 100% Steel Window Well Grate by Monarch available in 4 color options. Heavy-Duty Steel Design Available in 4 Colors Optional Clear Top-Cover

  • Custom-made square window well covers created to match any window well. Rectangular / Square shape in any size Multiple Square Styles available: Crystal-clear Polycarbonate, Aluminum Grate, and Atrium Dome Designed for metal, concrete, brick, timber and other types of window wells Safely supports 400 pounds UV resistant to stop sun damage View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • Crystal-clear window covers for windows that are at ground level. Our window covers are custom-made to fit any shape and size window. High-density Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable Custom-made to fit any shape and size window Protect your window from objects, debris, and hail while allowing light into your home Get a Free Estimate

  • All sizes bubble window well covers by Window Well Experts are made from "unbreakable" Polycarbonate, not low-quality plastic like the big box stores. Lifetime Warranty Variety of shapes and sizes Crystal-clear unbreakable Polycarbonate Designed for windows that extend above the well UV resistant View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • This unbreakable polycarbonate window well cover is custom-designed to fit any shape, size, and type of window well, including U-shaped, square and round. Supports up to 400 lbs Crystal-clear UV-coated Custom-fit to YOUR well perfectly Egress-compliant Lifetime Warranty View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • Made to fit on top of window well grates to provide extra protection from rain and debris. Fits over Aluminum Window Well Grates Ultra-strong Polycarbonate Custom made to fit YOUR well perfectly Optional Hinge & Prop-Up Bar View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • Custom-made semicircle window well covers made to fit any shape, size, and style of window well. Semi-circular shape in any size Multiple Styles: Crystal-clear Polycarbonate and Aluminum Grate Designed for metal, concrete, brick, timber and other window wells View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

  • Steel window well covers for square and rectangular window wells. Features: Available in any size Custom powder-coat finish to match most paint colors Heavy-duty construction 7 Year Warranty Available locks and escape hatches for large-sized grates Available in square, rectangular, U-shaped, half-circle, and custom shapes Designed for metal, concrete, brick, timber and other window wells View…

  • Custom-made to fit YOUR well, it provides superb drainage and protection against debris. Steep design for optimal drainage Rust-free aluminum support Quick-release lock system Hinged with prop-up bar for easy open 7-year warranty View More PhotosGet a Free Estimate

Window Well Covers Installation Guide

Quick video on how to install Sloped & Flat Window Well Covers from Our 'Unbreakable' covers are made from crystal-clear Polycarbonate that can support up to 400 pounds and...

Our Window Well Covers Features:

  • Crystal-clear Polycarbonate – not the cheap brittle plastic you find in big box stores that will crack and fade!
  • Rust-free Aluminum to add structure and strength to the window well cover
  • Supports up to 400 pounds!
  • UV coating to prevent yellowing
  • Virtually unbreakable design!
  • Custom manufactured to your window well measurements to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Available in egress code compliant sizes
  • Easy installation – most covers take less than 30 minutes to install depending on size
  • Variety of shapes to choose from
  • Optional hinges, vents and securing clips
  • Made in the USA

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Why custom cover is a good idea?

Each cover we make is exactly to YOUR well’s specifications so you get a perfect fit. We can offer a wide range of products and develop a product meeting your basement window well cover ideas. Don’t settle for the one size they have at the big box store, get a cover that was meant for your well. Send your window well’s measurements to our expert and claim your free online estimate. Start by clicking the button below.

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Do you need help measuring your wells? No worries! Our experts are available to take your call at 1-888-650-9355.

How to Choose the “Right” Window Well Covers?

  1. First you should decide what you want to accomplish.

    • Do you want to avoid leaves and other debris from collecting in your window wells?
    • Do you want to protect your children and pets from falls and injuries?
    • Are you focused on letting in more natural light or safely increasing airflow in your finished basement?
  2. After you decide on your preferences, you’ll better know what designs accomplish your goals.

    • Only choose well covers made of durable, rustproof material.
      Certainly, you can purchase plastic “bubbles” from your local big box or hardware stores. But be prepared to replace them regularly. Often, when a person, no matter child or adult, steps on the cheap covers they break or get seriously damaged. Our covers are made from durable Polycarbonate that does not chip, breaks, or fades over time.
    • Install covers that support weight of children and adults for safety.
      Our covers do not succumb to breakage or other damage, since they can support weights up to 400 pounds. Custom covers come with UV protection, the strength, and rust avoidance of Polycarbonate and/or aluminum material.
    • If necessary, select window covers that offer dual solutions, such as well covers made of heavy-duty aluminum, which offer good child protection and more light in your basement.
      Our window well grates often solve two problems with one cover, including the above example.
    • We’ll create a custom cover to YOUR measurements, to ensure a perfect fit!
      Accurately measure the window well openings so all new covers fit just right. View our Measuring Guide for further instructions and tips. Too small or too large window covers do not deliver the aesthetic beauty. Moreover, it can be more susceptible to accidental damage.
    • Consider if your basement windows should extend above the top of the window well? In this case, you may need a bubble cover.

Basement egress window well covers. Contact our team to consult on the local regulations for Emergency Escape And Rescue Openings in your area. For more information browse through the IRC Building codes here.