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How to Improve Your Home’s Value

How to Improve Your Home's Value 1

How to Improve Your Home’s Value

When you’re thinking about how to improve your home’s value, it’s natural to start with major projects — adding a room, remodeling the kitchen, and so forth. Sometimes, though, relatively easy changes can have a number of impacts. Window wells are a great example: easy to install and inexpensive, a new window well can do several things to increase the value of your home, especially when combined with other changes inside or outside. Whether you’re adding a new window well or replacing an old one, Window Well Experts is here to guide you through the process. We’ve been specializing in window wells, covers and accessories for more than four decades, and we know the ways in which window wells protect, beautify and enhance your home.

Replacing Your Damaged Window Wells

Damaged fixtures always reduce the value of a home, and window wells are no exception. In addition to being unsightly, a damaged or shifted window well raises the likelihood of further property damage, making replacement a high priority. Your new window well should be made of a single solid piece of material, such as galvanized steel or a durable composite plastic. It’s also important that your window well fits your house correctly, as an improperly sized well is likely to lead to more problems in the future. Installing a window well in the place of an existing one is actually quite easy for most do-it-yourselfers, and Window Well Experts provides all the tools and supplies you’ll need to make a successful replacement.

Window Wells and Furnished Basements

Instead of making a costly addition to your house, why not add a bedroom or spare room by converting your basement? A furnished basement is a relatively modest investment that can pay great dividends. When you’re renovating the basement, you should consider window wells as part of the project: a good window well will allow natural light into the room, and of course, preventing water damage becomes even more important in a furnished room. Window Well Experts offers several aesthetically pleasing options to complement your decor, from window wells with mock stone or white finishes to UV-treated clear window well covers and decorative window well liners. In most locations in the United States and Canada, any basement bedroom requires an emergency exit, so check with your building inspector and consider installing an egress well that meets your local building codes.

Window Wells And Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s outside is the first impression visitors will receive, and your window well covers are a part of that package. At Window Well Experts, we offer custom-fitted window well covers in a variety of shapes. Whether you’re looking for the clean lines of an atrium dome well cover or the rounded shape of a bubble well cover, we have a cover to fit both your window and your home’s architecture. Don’t overlook landscaping around your wells, either; because your window well cover will shed water to the area surrounding your well, it’s a good idea to pick materials with good drainage (mulch, gravel, sandy soil) to surround your well. Many people choose to surround their wells with a decorative stone border or similar design. No matter what shapes and surroundings you choose, though, Window Well Experts’ virtually unbreakable Lexan ™ polycarbonate covers are a great choice: able to withstand more than 400 pounds of weight without cracking, they’re UV treated to avoid fading, discoloration or brittleness for the next 15 years, giving you a clear, easy-to-clean window outside and clean, bright, unobstructed light inside.

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