Window Wells in Oregon

Window Well Oregon

Window Wells in Oregon

There aren’t many places where basements are more prone to flooding and ice-related damage than Oregon, and so there aren’t many places where a window well is more important. A window well prevents your house from rain, snow, groundwater, pests, vandalism, and more, but it’s not that simple. If your window well or its cover are flimsy, damaged or don’t fit properly, that’s almost as bad as not having a well in the first place.

Oregon-sealLuckily, Window Well Experts can help you with your window wells in Oregon, as well as covers, liners, locks and other window well accessories. Our wells are made on site in Delavan, Wisconsin, so we can stand behind their workmanship with confidence.

When we sell a window well and cover, we make sure they fit together perfectly to avoid leaks, and we can ship them across North America with all the tools you’ll need to make do-it-yourself installation easy and secure. We even offer FREE estimates by email or phone, so just get in touch with us, and we’ll use our decades of experience to help you.

Galvanized Steel Window Wells in Oregon

Galvanized steel white painted window wellThe most crucial thing when choosing a window well is leak-proof construction, and that’s why galvanized steel is such a great choice. A single piece of heavy-gauge steel, dipped in zinc to prevent rust and water damage, will maintain its shape and stop water, dirt and just about everything else from getting through.

Compared to lumber, stone or concrete wells, which are prone to leaks or cracks, in the long run, galvanized steel is the easy choice, and that’s why it’s so popular within homeowners and contractors. Our galvanized steel window wells in Oregon come in shapes ranging from round to rectangular.

Also, we offer window well covers, grates and tops to match their shapes exactly. With dozens of sizes to choose from, plus custom orders and extensions for uneven ground, you’ll be sure to have the ideal fit for your home, saving yourself property damage that could total thousands of dollars or more.

Deluxe Composite Plastic Window Wells in Oregon

If you’re seeking a window well that looks great, is practically indestructible, and even doubles as an emergency exit, our deluxe composite/plastic window wells in Oregon may be for you. Combining the beauty of stacked stone with one-piece reliability, these durable wells won’t warp, bend, buckle or grow brittle, making them a great choice for even the wettest areas.

Building codes across the country require emergency exits in furnished basement rooms, and these egress wells satisfy those requirements for just about any city in America. Ask your building inspector what kind of window well your basement needs, then call Window Well Experts, and we’ll help you find it.

White and Stone Finish Window Wells in Oregon

galvanized steel with a faux stone finish and ladderOur composite wells aren’t the only choice for homeowners looking for an attractive and durable window well option. Many buyers opt for galvanized steel white and stone finish window wells in Oregon.

Whether you choose to go with a clean, modern white finish or stone-colored paint, you’re getting the same premium quality as our other galvanized wells, and at the same time you’re beautifying your home, increasing its value even further and making it a nicer place to live. Both of these finishes are designed to be easily washable and to resist water damage and sunlight, so your new window well will look great for years to come.

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