Increasing Your Home Value With Window Well Covers
  • How to make your home value increase with window well covers ?

Did you know that window well covers can actually increase the worth of your home? An often-overlooked improvement, installing or replacing your window well covers is a fast and easy way to enhance a house’s resale value. At Window Well Experts, we have hundreds of window wells, covers and accessories to help you accessorize your basement windows perfectly. Investing in high-quality window well covers is a smart move if you are considering how to make your home value increase while also ensuring the safety and functionality of their property.

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Beautifying Your Home

Improving your home’s value with window wells and window well covers is easy. A new, clean, rustproof window well shows that your home is well-kept, and it’s one less repair a potential buyer doesn’t have to worry about making. At Window Well Experts, we offer a variety of decorative options for your well, including attractive yet waterproof stone finish wells in deluxe composite plastic and galvanized steel, as well as decorative window well liners. In addition to protecting your basement from damage and allowing more natural light into your house, a good window well cover can complement your landscaping. At Window Well Experts, we mold all our covers to fit your needs and the shape of your home, offering a variety of heights and shapes to perfectly complement your property.

Replacing Old or Damaged Window Well Covers

A damaged window well cover, or one that’s of poor quality, has the potential to greatly reduce the value of your home. If your window wells have buckled or shifted, or if they’re prone to leaking, they represent a potential hazard, and home buyers and real estate agents will note that. This is especially true if the well is rusted, discolored, or visibly askew, making improving your home value with window wells a priority. Of course, these wells should be replaced for many reasons anyway, but if you’re looking to increase the value of your home, a new well in good repair is a great way to do that. The same is true for a cracked, ill-fitting, or faded window well cover, by the way; replacing the cover will improve the natural light in your basement and keep your home looking well-kept.

Egress Wells, Basement Bedrooms and Building Codes

It’s hard to put your home on the market if it can’t pass a code inspection, and building codes across the United States and Canada require an egress window on various kinds of finished basement rooms. Because converting an unfinished basement to a bedroom, an office or even an apartment is such a popular way to raise your home’s value, you should check with your local building inspection office to determine what your codes have to say about emergency exits. Some cities and counties require an exit in each bedroom, while others require one in all furnished rooms, and of course the requirements for egress well size and amenities are different depending on where you live. Whether you have to get your current basement up to code, or whether you’re making an improvement that requires you to add a well or wells, Window Well Experts can help. Don’t forget that, while they’re only a legal requirement in bedrooms or furnished rooms, egress wells for emergency escape or rescue are a great addition to any basement that can accommodate them.

Window wells offer an array of benefits, including improved safety, increased natural light, enhanced ventilation, and added aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. Incorporating window wells into your property not only fulfills practical needs but also contributes to its overall value and functionality.

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