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Designed to Fit Any Size, Shape & Style of Well

  • Best Custom Window Well Covers
  • Lifetime Warranty On Selected Designs
  • Local Building Code Compliant
  • Supports Up to 400 Lbs
  • Custom-Fit To Your Well With Laser Precision
  • All Well Accessories Available


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Tired of changing covers every year? Our custom window well covers are truly “unbreakable.” Made from bulletproof polycarbonate and enhanced with rust-free aluminum supports, they will last a lifetime.

All of the designs on are custom-made to fit your window well perfectly, no matter the shape, size, or style. We’ve helped clients solve their unique window well problems that traditional covers could not. Our well covers come in a wide variety of styles, including clear polycarbonate covers and aluminum grates.

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Custom Engineered

Anything you need – from the simplest low-profile cover to best-of-all super-slanted raised covers. We can tailor any design you like to the shape & size of YOUR well!


Safe Egress Solutions

All our covers are Fireescape Code Compliant. Hinges can be added to most of our designs for seamless opening. Additional quick-release locks available for basement security.


Expert Advice

Need a tailored solution? Or not entirely certain what you need? Talk to a Window Well Expert. Call now & Get a FREE consultation. All your questions answered!

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Lifetime Warranty On Selected Covers

The LIFETIME WARRANTY applies to our sloped, flat, and bubble custom window well covers. Super-slant, atrium, and metal covers have an extended 7-year warranty.


  1. First, measure your window wells and send us the measurements to get a free online quote (click here).
  2. Based upon your measurements, we will send you a quote for different styles of covers that will work best for your well.
  3. Before manufacturing, we need pictures of your window wells from multiple angles to ensure a perfect fit.
  4. Using the photos, we make a digital render of your well to input into our CNC machines, so the covers fit PERFECTLY.
  5. We will then manufacture your cover in our state-of-the-art facility in Walworth, WI.
  6. We ship your custom window well cover directly to you.
  7. Then all that’s left is installation! Most covers can be installed easily in 30 minutes or less

Big box stores are great for getting a solution quickly, but they’re not so good at having items available in non-standard sizes or irregular shapes. Our company specializes in providing custom window well covers for window wells of non-traditional shapes or sizes. Owners who want something built to last and fit their well ideally will find the perfect fit with us.

Every cover that you find on Window Well Experts has been custom-designed to fit our client’s window well perfectly. We strive to create a durable, high-quality item, regardless of the shape, size, or style. We take great pride in helping our clients solve their unique window well cover problems in ways that traditional alternatives bought from a chain store cannot.

The short answer is – Yes. They are made of high-grade polycarbonate. Due to being a window well cover manufacturer for over 40 years, we special-order extended life clear unbreakable sheet.

Other manufacturers will state their plastic has a UV inhibitor, but this will only last about 4 years when it will begin to turn yellow and eventually become brittle.

Our clear plastic covers can withstand the force of a sledgehammer blow. Even better, they withstand the challenges of any weather conditions! Guaranteed resistance between 130 and – 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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