Escape Hatches for Covers

Basement escape hatches are an important feature when you have a large window well. However, the covers for an egress well are often too heavy or awkward for someone to easily lift for emergency escape, so we have developed an escape hatch for EVERY type of cover we manufacture.

*Fire escape hatches can only be ordered with a basement well cover.

Our photo gallery shows some solutions our engineers have designed for our customers.

We consult with each customer after their purchase to be sure the basement escape hatch placement works with their ladder and window type and placement, the ability of their family members to use the cover, and any security issues that may concern them.

These hatches make large covers code compliant because of their ease of use, smaller size, and they are a fraction of the total weight of the cover.

Escape hatches can be added to any cover over 60 x 36″, and can be added to any cover.

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