Window Well Cover Hinges

Hinges and prop-up bars make ventilation and emergency fire escape much easier. Adding hinges & a pop-up bar to your cover:

  • Allows Easier Access In And Out Of The Well
  • Allows Natural Light And Airflow
  • Egress Compliant
  • Suitable For Most Custom-Sized Hinged Well Covers
  • Can Be Added To All Metal Or Plastic Covers

Hinge For Window Well Cover –  Key Features

Hinged window well covers allow much more effortless emergency escape for larger covers and make basement ventilation much easier. In addition, it’s simple to prop the cover open with the included prop up bar.

  1. The hinges can be ordered as an addition to our aluminum or steel window well grates and our crystal-clear polycarbonate covers.
  2. Adding a hinge and prop-up bar to your custom window well cover will allow easy access both in and out of the window well when needed for emergency or maintenance.

What is a Hinged Egress Window Well Cover?

One of the most popular solutions to preventing mold and improving your basement’s air quality is installing a hinged egress cover. Unlike stationary covers, our egress-sized covers can be manufactured to be secured to the wall of your home with hinges. The installation allows the cover to be easily lifted and secured open without actually dismounting it from the window well.

Thanks to the maneuverability of the large hinged covers, you can use a prop-up bar to ventilate your basement throughout the day. If you desire, you can add a fastener or catch to your house to hold the cover open at a 90-degree angle.

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So, Are You Looking To Improve The Airflow In Your Basement?

Window well covers with hinges and prop-up bars make ventilation and emergency fire escape much easier. Get in touch with our Sales Experts on 1-888-650-9355 to order your perfect custom hinged egress well cover.


Ordering hinged window well covers is always a great choice. However, in some cases, like when you have an egress cover, it is preferable to ordering a standard one. If you are wondering why – the answer lies in the purpose of the cover.

Window well covers without hinges are secured to the well with clips. So, every time you want to open the cover, you remove it from the well – just like you take off the lid of a cooking pot. As egress window well covers are meant to be used for fire escape, having one that opens is preferable. Rather than having to push it out and away from the well, you will just push upwards.

So, you don’t want the hassle of having to go over to your window well and prop open the cover day in and day out. If you are looking for a more permanent way to maintain the constant airflow in your basements, we can offer several alternatives:

  • Metal Grates – allow for non-stop ventilation. The grates are among the best window well covers that will enable airflow. Get a consultation, whether a metal or a polycarbonate cover is best for your home.
  • Dome Covers with Mesh Sides – two of our most popular high-rise cover styles – atrium-dome and super-slant covers can be manufactured with aluminum mesh sides for a best-of-both-worlds solution to your basement ventilation quandary.

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