Vented Window Well Covers

This simple aluminum vent can improve the natural ventilation in a basement. A cost-effective solution to help prevent condensation in your well:

  • Four-Inch Vents Help Moisture Dissipate From The Enclosed Well
  • Vent Added According To Your Specifications
  • Suitable For Plastic And Dome-Style Cover, And Metal Grates
  • A Great Addition To High-Quality Polycarbonate Covers
  • It Can Be Combined With Hinges On Large Covers For Optimal Ventilation

Why Do You Need Vents For Your Well?

Basements, cellars, and other underground spaces need to have a proper ventilation system. Adequate ventilation is necessary for achieving good air quality.

The temperature difference outside and within the basement helps to hold the moisture in. And with no air circulation, the quantity of pollution emission build-up produces a highly polluted indoor environment. Eliminating musty air and letting in fresh air from outside is the first step to improving the air quality.

What Are Vented Window Well Covers?

For homeowners where space around the window well is limited, the only way to ensure fresh airflow to the basement area is with vented covers. Vents can be installed on most of the custom-made window well covers designs we offer. They are especially popular with smaller wells with dryer, furnace or water heater exhaust vents in them.

Combine the vent with a mechanical means of ventilation for optimal results!

How Do You Get Fresh Air To Your Basement? 

There are two ways to ventilate your basement – using natural currents or via mechanical means. Natural air currents are only available if you have more than one window in your basement. The windows need to be strategically placed to ensure air will pass through the space.

While if you meet the requirements, natural ventilation is virtually free, it also requires more work:

  1. Make sure that basement windows are open for an extended period.
  2. Find a window well cover with ventilation properties (more information below)
  3. Keep the windows and covers closed when it rains or snows.
  4. Close the windows and covers at night or when you are away to prevent intruders from entering your home.

Mechanical ventilation combines natural air currents and technology to prevent humidity, mold, and germs from infesting your basement.

Whether you install fans, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, or other equipment depends heavily on what you use the basement space for. Wet rooms, for instance, require heavy-duty dehumidification technology.

Regardless of the mechanical solution you choose, you also need to introduce fresh air to your basement.

There are a few types of air ventilation solutions you can choose from:

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