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Unprotected window wells in residential yards present a safety hazard. Regardless of their location, they endanger people, animals, and wildlife nearby. Tragically, numerous homeowners have suffered severe injuries or even lost their lives due to accidental falls into these openings. Additionally, open window wells have also resulted in the entrapment of pets and wildlife that have fallen into them.

That is why the job of our window safety experts is to create the most reliable window wells protective covers, made from a highly durable materials and last a lifetime.

scunk in basement well

What is the best cover to prevent safety hazards?

The choices can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to make a decision if the consumer is not well informed. Here are some points to consider:

  • What is the window well made of? Steel window wells have quite a few off-the-shelf choices for the most common sizes. However, small vent wells and extra-large egress wells do not have many cover options readily available.
  • Concrete, brick, timber or paver wells generally have to have a custom-made cover because the sizes vary so widely.
  • What is the window well cover made of? Many plastics used for the inexpensive window well covers are not made for outdoor use, or if they are, they are not UV-treated for maximum protection. Unprotected plastic will degrade, turn an opaque milky or yellow color, and finally split and disintegrate.
  • Does the manufacturer state the weight-bearing capacity of the cover? If the shelves of some retail stores are any example, some covers can’t stand up to the stresses of shipping and handling, much less a person falling on them.
  • Is a grate a preferred option for the home? Is easy ventilation a desire? Metal window well grates, although they are sturdy, need to be light enough so that they can be lifted up or pushed out of the way for emergency escape. Many commercially available grates are too heavy for a child or an infirm adult to move. For egress-sized wells consider aluminum over steel. Steel grates tend to weigh about three times more than aluminum.

Choose a manufacturer that has experience covering your type of well and the ability to answer the questions above satisfactorily. That’s where we come into the picture. Every Sloped, Flat, Grate, and Super Slant window well cover that we build is made to hold 400 pounds of static weight.  All our egress-sized covers are also built to be easily opened or pushed aside for emergency escape.

Our covers are designed to comply with safety standards and provide peace of mind for homeowners. Please check with local building codes to be sure that the cover will meet local standards.  We are able to accommodate these local codes yet still make an attractive, functional window well cover that will be durable, sturdy, and able to withstand difficult weather conditions. Our window well covers are a practical solution for ensuring the safety of any yard and those around it. Most covers are very easy to install, and are virtually maintenance-free.

We recommend our Steel or Aluminum Grates for areas with heavy foot traffic, such as patios or sidewalks. We have three grades of grates – residential grates will hold 40 pounds per square foot (most common), heavy-duty grates 50 pounds per square foot, and commercial grade 60 pounds per square foot. Please note that the commercial grade grates are usually made from steel and will require a hinged escape hatch. Our engineers can design any size or shape steel or aluminum grate.


  • Durable powder coat paint is available in gray, black, and custom colors as shown in the photo above.
  • A hinged escape hatch will make emergency escape much easier for your family.  Locks are available to help prevent unauthorized entry to the home.
  • Snap on-snap off-top covers are available to provide weather-tight peace of mind in bad weather.  These covers are easily removed for ventilation.

Crystal clear Sloped and Flat covers allow the maximum light into your basement and prevent dirt, yard debris, and animals from collecting in the bottom of your window well. It will also protect the people and animals in your life from a dangerous fall into your window wells by supporting the weight of a person falling on it. Covers that are commonly available are often made from plexiglass or acrylic and do not hold up to something falling on them, whether it’s a human, snow, ice, or a beating from summer hailstorms.  Properly fitted window well covers will also keep your home safer on the inside. The window well will stay drier, preventing water leaks into the basement, and mold and mildew growth.

atrium basement safety cover

Atrium Window Well Covers are a perfect solution when there is a crank-out egress window in the basement. As shown in the photo above, the window can open freely inside the cover allowing for escape. If the optional mesh sides are chosen, the cover does not need to be removed for ventilation.  

These covers are designed for each individual window well for the best possible fit, and a CAD will be supplied for customer approval before the manufacturing begins.  

super slant safety cover closed
sloper cover open

The deluxe Super Slant cover shown above has it all. Options that are extra on other covers are included with this versatile cover.  

  • Sturdy welded framework.
  • Mesh sides are included; mesh front is an additional cost.
  • Easy ventilation without removing the cover. 
  • A hatch that props open for escape or home maintenance. 
  • Locks for extra security.
  • This cover will support 400 pounds of static weight.
  • Powder coat paint is available for all aluminum parts. 

Our window well covers are designed to provide maximum light into the basement while preventing the accumulation of dirt, yard debris, and animals in the window well. They also offer protection against falls and prevent injuries by supporting the weight of a person. Unlike commonly available plexiglass or acrylic covers, our covers are built to withstand the impact of falling objects, including snow, ice, and hailstorms.

In conclusion, window well covers made from high-quality materials will keep the home a safer place. Insurance companies have “wised up” and are now requiring window well covers to prevent tragic accidents and costly claims. Preventing accidents is everyone’s responsibility, and sturdy window well covers will keep the family and visitors to the property protected.

Click here to submit the measurements of your window wells, and we’ll get a quote out to you as soon as possible. Our team is available to take your call, and we are glad to answer any questions you have.

39 x 19 Semicircle Steel Grate

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