The Amazing Atrium Dome


We encounter a wide variety of windows and window wells and not-quite-usual installation circumstances here at Window Well Experts. A common window installed in new construction and new egress installations is a crank-out or casement window.


This style of window has some great advantages, like the opening mechanism is easy to reach and operate, and the window closes very tightly and securely for good security and insulation properties.  It’s the installation that can pose the problem.  As shown in the photo below, when the crank-out window is installed with a portion of it above grade (and above the lip of the window well), it means that a readily available low profile cover will not allow the window to open because those types of covers are clipped to the window well itself.

40 x 21 x 13 Tall Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells

A bubble dome is generally not available for many of these situations.  Some of the wells are very square in shape, as you can see, and trying to fit a round cover on a square well is just not a good solution.  If you can find a bubble that large, the shipping alone is not cost-effective.

This is why we have developed the Atrium dome.  It not only accommodates any good size and shape, but it is also designed specifically for your window and well combination.  All these customers bought an atrium dome, but look how different each one is!

39 x 24 x 39 Tall Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells

Atrium domes allow for the casement/crank-out window to open freely for emergency exit, and an unobstructed view out of your window.

48 x 54 x 12 Low Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells

They will work on any type of window well.

81 x 40 Low Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells

Large or small.


It’s easy to allow for your ventilation needs.  The window well shown below has an air conditioner unit in it.

Vented Atrium Dome Cover Extra Bracing

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