Sloped Low Profile Covers – Get Light in your Basement!

sloped window well cover

Sloped Low Profile Covers

Our Sloped low-profile covers are a great way to let the light shine in your basement!  Unlike many mass-produced window well covers, our Sloped covers are made of nearly indestructible polycarbonate (brand name Lexan®).  The plastic we use is UV treated to prevent yellowing, cracking, and breaking under heavy snow and ice loads.  We make a variety of sizes that fit a number of common window wells.

Quick Release Clips

We ship quick-release clips and the screws necessary to attach these long-lasting covers to your window wells, not your home. These clips allow for easy removal for home maintenance and fresh air ventilation.  Please look at the photos below.  These clips release the cover with a push from below in case of emergency, yet hold your cover in place in the face of winds, rain, snow, and ice.  Our Sloped covers will bear up to 400 pounds, the weight of two adults, without collapsing.

We have your ultimate safety in mind – covers that hold up to all that nature that can throw at them, covers that are strong enough to bear the weight of two grown adults, yet will easily let you escape in case of emergency.

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