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These quick-release emergency egress locks can prevent unwanted access to your home through your basement window wells.

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The safety locks for egress window well covers can provide extra security to your basement fire escape. Thanks to the quick-release locking pin, your cover will be both securely fastened to the window well and easy to open from the inside.

Our window well locks system prevents burglars and other unwanted visitors from accessing your home through your window wells unchallenged. Keep in mind that the easy access points lure intruders. Turn your basement into a hard-to-get-to area by securing it with our window well locks.

Stop worrying about securing your window well covers without losing a vital fire exit. Thanks to our special quick-release lock mechanism, getting out through the window well is easy. Getting in is the hard part!

Our quick-release well locks will last because we use rust-free aluminum and stainless steel. As a result, they will make the perfect accessory for our unbreakable plastic window well covers. In addition, our state-of-the-art locking system defines home safety and basement building code compliance!

installed plastic cover with quick-release locks

How many plastic window well cover locks do you need?

The exact number of security clips you need is determined by the size of your window well – just like any other accessories – window well ladders, decorative liners, and even basement windows. Here is our recommended number of quick-release window well locks based on your window well cover projection:

  • Up to 22″ projection – 3 locks
  • 22.01″ – 25″ – 4 locks
  • 25.01″ – 36″ – 5 locks
  • Over 36″ – 6 locks or more

If you are unsure how to choose the right amount of locks, just give us a call on 1-888-650-9355!

How many window well grate locks do you need?

So, you have opted for a metal window well cover to stop debris from piling in your window well. Most aluminum grates are heavy enough to stay in place without the need for a locking mechanism. However, it would help if you still made sure intruders could not use your basement fire escape to break into your home. We have locks with housing that can only be opened from the inside for that specific purpose.

The metal window cover locks are slightly different from those for our unbreakable polycarbonate locks. They have a special housing that hides the security lock from intruders trying to reach inside the window well grate.

aluminium window well cover with safety lock

To secure a metal window well cover, you need a minimum amount of two locks, and then you scale accordingly for grates larger than 60″x30″ (respectively width and projection).

Lock for Atrium Dome Window Well Cover

The unique cover style that we offer, called Atrium Dome, is custom-made for your window well sizes. It is manufactured to fit your well and allow crank-out windows to open effortlessly. We offer dome window well cover locks to secure this window well cover style.

Due to the size and style of the atrium dome, you would usually need two cover locks. If you have an extra-large item or aren’t sure how many locks to get, give us a call on 1-888-650-9355!

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  1. Jillian Hoffman, Denver CO

    These quick-release locks are pretty handy. I am glad that we ordered the cover with them. Thanks, Window Well Experts!

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