Window Well Covers near Rockford, IL

Window Well Covers near Rockford, IL

If you’re looking for window well covers near Rockford, IL, do yourself a favor and call Window Well Experts first. For almost half a century, we’ve been making, selling and installing window wells, and we’ve got the widest selection of shapes and sizes available. 

Our window wells are made from UV protected polycarbonate. They’re able to withstand over 400 pounds of static weight, making them practically unbreakable. We carry lightweight window well covers and grates in shapes and sizes to fit your specific situation, so we will be able to fit your window well, your house and your budget. We would like to list and compare the covers for you so you can make an informed decision.

Do Rockford, IL residents really need window well covers?  The Illinois codes are shown here, and egress window well cover requirements are listed here.  Egress window well covers need to be easy to remove with no special tools or knowledge.

Super Slant Window Well covers

Super-slant small window well cover allows perfect drainage and discourage pets and children from sitting on the cover. Size: 59" x 24".

The Super Slant cover is made of high-grade polycarbonate – the same plastic as many lifetime warranty window well covers. Along with the unbreakable plastic, these heavy-duty custom egress window well covers have a sturdy welded aluminum frame structure. The rust-free material is durable and, more importantly, lightweight. The hinged canopy allows even children and the elderly to lift the cover with ease in case of an emergency.  Ventilation is a constant with these covers, which is important to keep fresh air circulation easily available at all times.

These covers combine the benefits of many window well covers:

  • The extra slope of a domed cover to drain off snow and rain, and it will cover the portion of the window that comes above the lip of the well, if needed
  • The constant ventilation of Aluminum Grates
  • The 400 pound weight capacity of many low profile covers
  • The hinged canopy that makes emergency escape possible (in egress sized wells) and makes home maintenance easy
  • All of these features, including cover locks, are included in the price
  • This window well cover installation is straightforward.  Most covers just attach to the well with the hardware provided

Atrium Window Well Covers

60 x 48 x 30 Vented Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells

The Atrium window well cover is designed to protect the well and the portion of the window that comes above the top of some window wells.  These covers are made to the specific situation, such as to accommodate a casement/crank-out window that would be blocked by the commonly available low-profile window well covers and allow great unobstructed views through basement windows.  

here options available for the versatile Atrium:

  • Aluminum mesh sides for constant airflow
  • The front portion of the cover closest to the well can also be made of aluminum mesh
  • Cover locks are available to help to prevent unauthorized access
  • These window well covers are installed with snap clips that are attached to the foundation wall.

Sloped Window Well Covers

53x36x11 sloped cover back panel 768x569 1

For the ultimate in-home protection and ease of maintenance, the Sloped window well cover protects from water, snow, ice, animals, and dirt. These covers allow water, snow, and debris drain off your window wells. Cleaning these covers is a breeze, you just need to hose them off.

Like all of Window Well Experts’ polycarbonate covers, they allow natural light to reach the basement, and their UV treatment ensures they won’t get discolored, faded or brittle for years to come. 

These covers only need a drill and a screwdriver to install, and they will clip to the well with spring steel clips.

Flat Window Well Cover

71 x 45 Flat Cover on Large Plastic Wells

Keep a low profile with Flat window well covers.  These polycarbonate covers are easy to install, easy to wash, and almost impossible to break. Whether they are installed to one of our high-quality window wells or an existing concrete, stone or metal window well, these window well covers protect your property’s value and make your house safer. 

Because window wells and covers are our entire business, and because we make all our products to order, any size or shape is easy for us.  Flat covers easily accommodate obstructions around your well, like pipes, vents, and utilities.

Aluminum Grate Window Well Covers 

Aluminum grates are made from high-quality, rust-free aluminum that is lightweight for safety and easy removal for home maintenance or emergency escape. These aluminum or steel window well grates can be made to match any style, shape, and size of window well.

53x38 Aluminum Grate

Grates allow for constant ventilation without removing your window well cover.  They are also recommended for areas with more foot traffic.  Metal grates do not get as slippery as plastic covers do, so your safety is guaranteed in more ways than one.

An open basement window well can serve as an “open door” to debris and invaders into your home’s basement. Having a reliable grate can prevent accidents and unauthorized access with optional locks. The grate is the perfect solution to those issues.

Grates can be made for any shape or size well (square, rectangular, half-circle, U-shaped, etc). There is no such thing as “standard” here. Each well is unique, and we go into each project with that mindset.

We can give your grate a “finishing touch” with powder coating colors of black or gray, or a custom color to work with your home’s colors, and customize your grate with an escape hatch.

Installation of these window well covers couldn’t be easier.  All that needs to be done in most cases is to remove the cover from the box and set it in place.

We are glad to answer any questions that you may have in selecting a cover.  We take care to engineer our covers for the best possible fit.  Give us a call, or fill out a form to give us the information we need to email you a quote. 

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