Window Well Experts Launch New Website with Comprehensive Rebrand

Window Well Experts has revolutionized their business, with product expansions, new branding, and a brand new website, to offer the best window well covers in the world in a whole new way.

Window wells are enormously useful for getting daylight into basement spaces and allowing for emergency egress. Still, their disadvantages become apparent when inclement weather sees them full of water, debris, fallen leaves, and more. solves that issue and enables people to protect their window wells without sacrificing the light they get through them by manufacturing high-quality crystal-clear window well covers custom made to fit any shape, size, and type of window well. The company is undergoing a comprehensive rebrand, which includes a brand new logo, and has just launched a new website to represent them on the national stage.

The new site is now secured with a 256bit SSL cert to protect customer’s information submitted via forms, features an interactive search to find products faster, showcases over 50 window well cover photos from actual customers, and is fully optimized mobile devices. The new design includes a brand new logo that better reflects the company’s quality and purpose moving forward.

The company’s core products remain: custom window well covers made with high-quality materials that are virtually unbreakable and durable window wells for emergency basement egress. Now, the company’s branding and website reflects the quality of the product itself and can expand its presence in the market.

A spokesperson for Window Well Experts explained, “We feel the new site makes it easier for our customers to find exactly what they want, and to be presented with everything we have to offer. It’s a great example of our renewed focus and energy for building the business by offering customers the best possible experience, from the first impression to the finished installation. The window well covers we create are more varied than ever, and every single one is custom built to specification, enabling people to get the best possible functionality and fit from every product they purchase.”

About Window Well Experts

Window Well Experts has been manufacturing and selling custom window well covers made to fit any size, shape, and material of window well to homeowners and contractors for over 40 years. They offer crystal-clear covers, bubble covers, metal window well grates, atrium covers, and more. Window Well Expert’s sloped and flat crystal-clear covers support up to 400 pounds, has a UV film to prevent yellowing, and custom-made in the USA to fit any window well perfectly. They also sell metal and composite window wells in various egress code compliant shapes, sizes, and materials.

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