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We offer a multitude of window wells in various sizes, shapes, and materials for purchase by both homeowners and contractors. Delivery is straight to your home, business, or job site.

Standard galvanized steel is the most familiar material of all for window wells and window well extensions. We can provide all shapes shown in a wide variety of sizes, from vent sized to extra-large sized egress wells in varying heights. Window well extensions are necessary to help correct grading around established homes to compensate for the ground settling. Some custom made sizes available. Please call 1-888-650-9355 or contact us online for assistance

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Attractive Stone Wall wells—stone look galvanized steel window wells are ideal when you want the strength of a one piece galvanized steel window well, and want the attractive stone look without the price and without the possible leaks of a stone well. Our bright white egress sized wells have a clean bright look. These two wells come in a variety of heights.

Stacked Stone composite egress size window wells are one piece deluxe window wells that have built in steps and come in two colors. The Stacked Stone wells are available in two widths to accommodate larger windows. These sturdy wells will not shift or collapse due to their method of construction.

If ordering a well for bedroom egress, check with your local building inspector to verify your code requirements before ordering or installing any window well.

Please call us seven days a week for assistance. We are well versed in sizing window wells to your particular needs. Contact us at 888-650-WELL (9355).

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Window Wells in Egress-Code Compliant Sizes

We offer a variety of window wells in egress code compliant sizes. When adding a room to your basement, you must follow the International Residential Code according to your state and local jurisdiction in order to have your basement be up to code. If your basement room is meant to be lived in, residential codes can dictate the dimensions of window wells, and “means of egress” requirements such as window well covers requirements, escape ladders, and sizes depending on the size of the basement window. Click here to view IRC Egress Codes

Things to consider when purchasing a window well:

  • Egress Compliance – this is the most important consideration when purchasing a window well. If the basement window is meant for emergency exit, your window well must comply to your local “means of egress” codes. We have over 40 years of experience in selecting the right window well for your state and county, please give us a call at 1-888-650-9355.
  • High-quality materials – we offer window wells in both metal and composite plastic. Each well is designed to last, to not bend under pressure, and to keep water out and away from your basement window.
  • Aesthetics – standard corrugated metal wells are a great option, but sometimes you want to add some aesthetic value to your window well. We offer a range of decorative window wells such as white wells, faux stone wells and more.
  • Extendable Depth – the ability to extend the depth of a window well can come in handy on the construction site if you have a window well that is very deep, way deeper than standard window well depths. It also gives you the ability to have multiple depths available just by having extensions on hand.

Egress codes vary on the State and County level, if you have a question on the window well sizing requirements in order to make your basement egress code compliant, please call us at 1-888-650-9355.