New type of HYBRID window well cover

atrium and sloped window well hybrid cover with white powder coating

We at Window Well Experts often take pride in our inventions and innovative solutions, fulfilling our clients’ needs. The following project involves a hybrid combination of an atrium dome and sloped covers. This fantastic combination is one of our most elegant custom solutions. If you are out of the basement window well cover ideas, this might unlock many options for you.

The situation. 

The egress basement window has an awning top at this property, which opens from the inside out. The bottom (larger) part of the window is still compliant with the local IRC codes and is suitable for an emergency fire escape. 

“How to ventilate the basement?” is one of the common problems that does not allow the owners to pick a standard cover. Enclosing the upper space with an atrium or bubble top would stop the fresh airflow to the underground room. Even the normal ventilation applicable for some covers would not be as efficient in this case.

The solution. 

After some discussion with the customer, we reached out to the homeowners and understood the situation. The outcome was a perfect hybrid window well cover with brand new white metal well. The cover also has a white powder coating for a fresh, clean look.

In addition to the customer’s requirements, all-aluminum parts, including the mesh sides, have white powder-coating. 

Our technicians found the perfect workaround for the airflow issue. So the smaller top window can be easily opened to let into the underground room fresh air with the assistance of an atrium top cover with mesh sides. The atrium dome is attached to a sloped cover in a unique configuration.  

The impact.

The new white clean look can be a great addition to any underground bedroom or living room. The white well reflects the natural light and brightens the dark basement. 

The mesh sides on the hybrid cover allow the fresh airflow from the top out-swing window to reach the room. 

Important! In a case of emergency, the whole cover can be removed so the window can be used as a fire escape. 

AT-SL hybrid with white PC


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