Plastic Window Well Covers vs. Metal Window Well Covers


If you are looking for detailed information on the pros and cons of metal vs plastic window well covers, read this carefully.

The wild and woolly world of window wells and everything that belongs to it (covers, ladders, egress, non-egress, regulations, and etc.) is both fascinating and annoying. On the one hand, you need them, on the other hand, there is so little written about them online. So when you are faced with the seemingly simple dilemma of which material is the best to cover your wells with, you are very likely to get more confused than anything else. One common debate revolves around Plastic Window Well Cover Vs Metal Grate, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s Get Right Into It And See What Your Window Well Cover Options Are.

If you are a first-time buyer, you will be extremely tempted to hop over to the nearest store and get the cheapest acrylic one that would fit your well. That’s a fine choice but a very short-term solution. Acrylic covers tend to turn yellow and brittle very fast. So you will need to replace them every couple of years or so. Don’t take our word for it, though. Give them a try ?

Having said that, we should stipulate that when we use the term “plastic” window well cover, we are actually referring to our custom-made polycarbonate covers. We will explain all the differences a bit later. But coming back to the conundrum of the metal window well covers vs plastic window well covers, let’s examine the intricacies of plastic covers first.

Benefits of Plastic (Polycarbonate) Window Well Covers

Large Atrium Cover with Mesh Sides

You might have seen our ads saying that we manufacture “unbreakable” window well covers with a lifetime warranty. And we are not in the business of bragging. Our plastic window well covers are made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate plastic is strong, durable, light, flame-resistant, and shatterproof. Thus, our covers have the following properties:

✅ Support up to 400 lbs
✅ Have a lifetime warranty
✅ Manufactured to fit your window well with the finest precision
✅ Won’t turn yellow over time
✅ Will retain their shape and qualities forever
✅ Can withstand extreme weather conditions (between 130° to -40° Fahrenheit)
✅ Remains crystal-clear year after year after year

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When Is It Best to Use Our Durable Plastic Well Covers?

57 x 38 Sloped Cover with Back Panel on Medium Metal Wells

Plastic covers are the perfect solution when your window well is exposed. When it is prone to fill with rainwater (because there is no awning above it). When your well constantly fills with debris – leaves, dust and other unpleasant stuff. When you are worried about small animals sneaking in your well. Or in other words, when you need your well to be 100% covered.

Naturally, 100% coverage means almost no ventilation. But we have a solution to that. All our covers are egress-code compliant. They can be safely opened from the inside. Thus, you can always remove the cover (if it’s a small one). For the larger ones, we have the optional hinge and prop-up bar that allow you to ventilate your basement.

Benefits of Metal Window Well Covers

Before we dive right into the many qualities of metal covers, let’s make a small clarification. We manufacture two types of metal covers – one is made of steel and the other – of aluminum. Both boast these qualities:

✅ Effortless ventilation
Made from rust-free materials
Support up to 400lbs
Custom-tailored to fit your well
7-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction
Optional powder coating – we can make it match your patio, deck, or even wall paint color.
Optional clear polycarbonate top cover

What Are the Differences Between Steel Window Well Covers and Aluminum Window Well Covers?


In our minds, steel and aluminum covers do not compete. They complement each other. Steel grates are perfect for small window wells. They are will not blow away, and are made to fit your smaller wells.

Aluminum is best suited for medium and large window wells. Why? Simple – in case of emergency, even young children would be able to lift the grate and exit the basement easily.

If you are worried about burglars, you can always get our proprietary grate locks, or escape hatch locks for metal covers. It’s 100% egress compliant (meaning you will be able to open the grate locking mechanism in seconds) and 100% burglar-proof (as it can be only accessed from within the well).

When Should You Get Metal Window Well Grate?

100 x 37 Grate with Escape Hatch on Extra Large Wells Open

Metal grates are the perfect solution for basements that need constant airflow. If you want to enjoy getting fresh air into your basement bedroom but are reluctant to leave your window well uncovered – that’s the best solution.

In addition to ensuring constant ventilation, metal window well covers are perfect for small and awkward wells in high-traffic areas of your home. A perfect example of this is the picture below which shows a window well placed right next to a staircase. Mesh grates ensure that no one who steps on them would accidentally slip on their surface.

Is There a Third Option: Combination of Plastic Cover and Metal Grate?

Yes, there is! We know how important ventilation is. But debris and water damage can be quite the deterrent from using only metal grates to cover your well. So, to give you the ultimate solution in the form of a plastic cover with aluminum mesh on the sides. Browse the photos to see examples of projects we have already completed.

61 x 30 x 23 Vented Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells
62 x 44 x 4 Low Atrium Dome Cover on Rectangular Wells


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