Super Slant Window Well Cover

Custom-made to fit YOUR well, it provides superb drainage and protection against debris.

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Materials Used in the Slant Cover

Our super slant model is made of high-grade polycarbonate (the bullet-resistant type). The quality plastic has a special UV formula. It will not turn yellow over time, even if it’s exposed to the merciless summer sun all year-round. The plastic in the cover alone has a 20 plus year longevity.

Along with the “unbreakable plastic” these heavy-duty window well covers have a sturdy backbone frame structure in aluminum. The rust-free material is durable and more importantly lightweight. This allows even children and the elderly to lift the cover with ease in case of emergency.

Included in the Super Slanted Cover Price:

  • Custom-fitted polycarbonate window well cover

  • Aluminum framing

  • Hinge and prop-up bar for easy open

  • Locking system for the cover

  • Warranty – 7 years

  • Optional: Aluminum mesh sides for ventilation

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Who Should Buy These Outside Basement Window Covers

The model is very appropriate for rectangular concrete, timber, paver and block wells. These wells are typically larger and need enhanced drainage. Thanks to the steep slant of these extra-large window well covers, it provides the perfect protection against heavy rain, snow and even falling leaves.

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Is It Safe for Children and Pets?

The super slant window well cover is ideal in cases when children are literally at play. The steep design discourages young ones from sitting on top of the cover or making it their favorite playground. Nonetheless, the super slant cover supports up to 400lbs so it won’t budge if they decide to test it out.

Pets are also less inclined to lay down on top of it.

Optional Mesh Sides for Ventilation in the Basement

Do you need constant airflow to your basement area? The super slant window well cover has the best of both worlds when it comes to ventilation. Thanks to its smart design, we can replace the polycarbonate on the sides with aluminum mesh.

The rust-free material allows the air to flow unobstructed to and from your basement. It allows the well to “breathe”, minimalizing condensation.

Even with the aluminum mesh, our outside basement window well cover is still easy-to-open from the inside!

Burglar-Resistant Locks for the Heavy-Duty Cover

Our super-slant window well cover is the only cover in our catalog that includes a quick-release lock system.

Here you can see what the burglar-resistant system looks like.

Other Custom Window Well Cover Options

While the super slant cover is our newest addition, we can offer other alternatives for your window well. You can always get a free consultation with one of our experts on the most suitable option for your well. Give us a call on 1-888-650-9355 or fill in the form.

Completed Projects

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Step 1) In order to get a free quote, enter your email below to get your measuring guide:

Measuring Guide PDF

Instructions on how to properly measure your window well in order to order a cover


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