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Basement Windows


In-swing Basement Egress Windows We have Energy Star basement windows that can be used for new construction or replacements.  The sash and screen are inside the frame for one step installation. The great advantage to In-Swing Windows is that they swing into the home, so they cannot be impeded by any obstruction in your window well, like ice and snow. Also they do not subtract from the egress well square footage and compromise your ability to comply with local codes.  Our windows have a full and nominal 8" frame depth that provides a fast, hassle free installation.  The patented design allows the header, sill and jamb pieces to be removed, reversed, and replaced to easily adapt the installation to any situation.  Sashes are easily removable when not locked allowing a wide, clear opening to move material through during construction.

  • Meets Uniform Building Code for Egress
  • Available in full and nominal wall thickness.  (attach 2" extension for 10" wall)
  • Welded sash with powder coated handles for ease of operation
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • Fully braced with temporary wood bracing and fully wrapped with plastic film
  • All Vinyl frame is maintenance free--No painting or rusting!
  • 3/4" insulated Low-E glass for added thermal efficiency
  • Sash is double-weatherstripped to protect from outside weather infiltration

Specs for CW-2745

  • Net Clear Opening for 27 x 45"*:     20-1/8" x 40-7/8" high (5.71 sq. ft.)
  • Net Clear Glass Area for 27 x 45:   20-3/8 x 38-3/8' high  (5.43 sq. ft.)
  • *One sash opened in the normal inward operating position.


Basement Slider Windows have sashes and frame that are weeped for superior water drainage to the outside.  The half screen is removable from the inside.


  • Available in full and nominal wall thickness (8", 10", and 12" walls--no pouring bucks)
  • All vinyl frame is maintenance free--no painting or rusting
  • Window is poly wrapped before pour to prevent any concrete getting on window
  • Sashes are removable from the inside
  • Reversible is poured incorrectly.  Header jamb and sill parts snap in for correction
  • 3/4" insulated Low-E glass is standard u-value of 0.37
  • Sashes are double weatherstripped to protect from outside weather infiltration
  • SW4848, SW5142, and SW6048 are Egress sizes.


Available in the following sizes:

SW4848, SW5142, and SW6048 are Egress sizes.

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Canada Window Wells

We now have a dedicated line of Canada window wells geared to home owners and home builders.  These are heavy gauge galvanized steel, with a folded hem on the top edge for safety.  We stock all the standard sizes including 30" projections to meet Canadian egress requirements for basement bedrooms.  See the chart below for available sizes.  Please call us at 888-650-9355 to get a quote!

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Molded Window Well Covers

Molded Window Well Covers have a universal fit for a number of window well sizes.

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Window Well Grates


Aluminum window well grate covers are made from high quality naturally rust free aluminum that is light weight for safety and easy removal.

  • Safely supports 400 lbs.
  • Ideal where easy fresh air ventilation is desired.
  • Can be custom made for all sizes of window wells, including metal, plastic composite, concrete, landscape timber, and landscape block.
  • Clear top covers for grates can be used on your existing grate or with our lightweight aluminum grate.



Window Well Grates also makes aluminum window well grates.  Our Aluminum Mesh Grates are an excellent choice where frequent fresh air ventilation is desired. The grates cover the window well to provide safety and keep out most all animals and large debris.

They remain rust free and are heavy duty enough to support 400 lbs and light weight enough to easily be removed by women and children in case of emergency egress fire exit.  For extra long window well grates we can add trap doors for additional ease of escape.

Please note we also offer deluxe systems that include an Aluminum Grate with either a thin plastic top cover that mounts with Velcro for snap on-snap off removal in spring and summer; or an Aluminum Grate with a heavy duty plastic hinged with prop up bar top cover for extra easy ventilation.

We can make window well grates for any size or any shape window well. Please contact us seven days a week for assistance at 888-650-WELL (9355).

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Flat Window Well Covers

Flat Window Well Covers

Flat Fabricated window well covers will keep animals, dirt, water, and debris out of your window wells.

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Bubble Window Well Covers


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Bubble Window Well Covers

Our Bubble window well covers are fabricated of the same high quality polycarbonate that we use on our custom window well covers!  Call us for a full range of sizes.

Bubble Domes are commonly the first style of cover most people think of when they think of the phrase “window well covers”. Our Bubble window well covers are made of the same tough, unbreakable polycarbonate plastic that our other clear covers are fabricated from—not the cheaper Plexiglas or acrylic that some store’s covers are made of. They won’t shatter on impact from a stray rock, baseball bat, or by a weed whip getting too close. They withstand the sun’s UV rays, and the stresses of heat and cold without cracking.

We have a wide size range available, and more sizes being made on a regular basis; all of them produced in the USA. We ship throughout the USA and Canada. The hardware to attach the bubbles to your home are rust free stainless steel and are designed to snap off to allow for easy emergency egress or access to your window well for any necessary maintenance.

Like our Atrium domes, our Bubble domes are designed to bear the weight of an adult falling on them without falling through.

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Atrium Dome Window Well Covers


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Atrium Dome Clear Window Well Covers

Our Atrium Dome clear window well covers are designed to cover your window above the top of your window well. We make these covers to your specific needs.  Many customers prefer this cover just for the good looks of it!

These covers are designed to accommodate casement/crank-out style windows that need a special cover because the low profile style covers prevent the window from opening out into the well for emergency escape.

These clear window well covers are customizable to any width, projection, and height.  If you have a crank-out or casement window, this dome is designed for you.  Another advantage to this cover is the unobstructed view--on most covers there is no bracing in your line of sight.  The polycarbonate plastic is strong enough to withstand an adult falling on the cover without falling through.  We have made these covers with mesh fronts and sides to allow for ventilation for air conditioning units and other machinery.

We have a cover to suit any need.  Please contact us seven days a week for assistance or to learn more about our Atrium clear window well covers --888-650-WELL (9355).

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