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What Your Child Needs to Know Before Staying Home Alone

What Your Child Needs to Know Before Staying Home Alone

When your child becomes older, the question comes up. “Mom/Dad, when am I allowed to stay home alone?” That’s a tricky question that many parents don’t know how to respond to. So when is a good time to let your children stay home by themselves? Some Things to Think About Age plays a pretty important…

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Declutter Your Home, What to Get Rid of

Before you know it, your home can feel overwhelming with all the items you have accumulated over the years. When you look closely in each one of your rooms, you’ll see magazines, stuffed animals, random things you don’t use or look at. You don’t know where to start when you see all of this junk!…

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What You Need to Clean Your Backyard Pool - banner

What You Need to Clean Your Backyard Pool

Having a backyard pool is a luxury many people get to enjoy. It’s physical exercise and a relaxing getaway all in one. When owning a pool, you get to have fun, be active, and wind down all in your backyard. You do hold responsibility when owning a pool as well. Cleaning is one of the…

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What to do When Bringing a Dog Home for the First Time

It is truly a special moment bringing a dog home. A joyful addition to your family! Along with this getting an incredible companion comes many dog supplies and responsibilities.    If you’ve never been a pet owner and you are bringing a dog home for the first time, there are a few things to do…

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home emergency kit - banner

Home Emergency Kit in case of a disaster

With everything happening in the world lately, we realize that there is a need for an at-home emergency kit more than ever. You need specific things in your home that will help if something happens. Every disaster is different. Maybe it’s a hurricane, and perhaps it’s an ice or snowstorm, or any unfortunate weather you…

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Kitchen Sink Options

The kitchen sink you pick is essential. This is something you will use daily! A functional kitchen sink beats style in this aspect of the house. Luckily, design has come so far that functionality can meet design standards easily. Begin to think about what you use a kitchen sink for and how often you use…

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Make Your Guest Feel Right at Home in Your Guest Room

If you have an extra bedroom in your home, it’s always nice to turn it into a guest bedroom. When you have people staying at your house, it’s great to have their own room for them to stay in. A comfortable and cozy room will make your guest very happy! Make them feel right at…

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Different Types of Finishes for Appliances

When you are designing a kitchen, deciding on the finishes of the appliances can either make or break the design. Luckily, innovation has come such a long way that you are left with plenty of options. We don’t only have choices of black and white anymore, and there is more style now than ever in…

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The Danger of Bugs and DIY Bug Repellent to Keep Them Away

Bugs… in other words, tiny insects that ruin a good backyard party! They land all over your food, bite you and your guests, and buzz all around you to annoy you. How do you get rid of these pesky little things? Well, I have some great answers for you! First, limit the number of bugs…

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Tips For Making Your Ceilings Appear Taller

Are you stuck in a home with low ceilings? Wish you could make them taller? If you physically want to make them taller, that could take a lot of your time and money. Before you go to the extreme of reconstructing your entire home, try these simple tricks that can make your walls appear taller!…

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Different Types of Fire Places

Winter is well on its way, and there is nothing better than cuddling up by the fireplace with a great book and some hot chocolate. But, of course, if you don’t have a fireplace, this setting is only happening in your dreams. But, you can make your dream come alive by adding a fireplace to…

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