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Sloped Low Profile Covers – Get Light in your Basement!

Sloped Low Profile Covers Our Sloped low-profile covers are a great way to let the light shine in your basement!  Unlike many mass-produced window well covers, our Sloped covers are made of nearly indestructible polycarbonate (brand name Lexan®).  The plastic we use is UV treated to prevent yellowing, cracking, and breaking under heavy snow and…

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95x38x22 Atrium, Concrete Wells

The Amazing Atrium Dome

We encounter a wide variety of windows and window wells and not-quite-usual installation circumstances here at Window Well Experts. A common window installed in new construction and new egress installations is a crank-out or casement window. This style of window has some great advantages, like the opening mechanism is easy to reach and operate, and…

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Why Cover Your Well?

There are several reasons to cover an open window well: ✓ First and foremost, SAFETY. At Window Well Experts, we pride ourselves on making tough, unbreakable protective covers that will protect your kids and pets from falls and injury and your basement windows from accidental breakage. Our covers are manufactured to bear 400 pounds. The UV-treated…

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