Do I Need Window Well Covers?


Let’s first answer the question – “Do I Need Window Well Covers?

At Window Well Experts, we recommend that all window wells be fitted with a proper cover. The benefits are many, and the cost of a cover compared to the costs of basement repairs make a quality window well cover a worthwhile investment.

In the four decades since our founding, we’ve seen the hazards of uncovered window wells. The products we sell today reflect that knowledge and experience. We make all our window well covers to order, so you will have a great fit. Whether you’re looking to install new wells or cover an existing well, just give us a call for a free estimate or fill out our request form here.

Benefits of Window Well Covers

A sturdy, high-quality window well serves several purposes: it keeps water, snow, dirt, debris, and animals away from your basement windows and out of your house.  A good cover will enhance the view from your basement!  Your window wells will no longer be the spot for garbage and yard waste to accumulate.  A good cover ensures that natural light can get into your basement, beautifying your home and saving on electric bills. 

Beautiful super-slant cover. 100% polucarbonate and sturdy aluminum supports. Size 56" x 36"

Ventilation is easily achieved with our metal Window Well Grates.  Also, our Sloped and Flat covers will snap off or hinge open for occasional ventilation.

One of our customers touched base with us recently and said that since they installed their window well cover, their basement is markedly warmer in the winter. In the past, their basement windows were conducting the cold from the ice, and snow piled up against the windows into the rooms. They are very pleased with this unexpected benefit of the window well covers that they purchased.

Window Well Covers and Safety

Window well covers are also important for the safety of you and your family. Without a cover, a misstep can cause people or pets to fall into the well, risking potentially serious injury. 

Our covers (Sloped, Flat, Super Slant, and Steel and Aluminum Grates) are built to hold 400 pounds of static weight.   That’s the weight of two adults.  Some companies claim more, but to be honest, your main concern is that the cover will support the weight of your children as they are tearing across your backyard, right? 

A window well cover is also an effective way to keep intruders out of your basement. If your well is being used as an emergency exit, we offer quick-release locks that securely attach the cover to the well, but can be easily opened from the inside in case of fire or other emergencies by the pull of a release pin.

Window Well Covers and Water

A well-fitting cover will make keeping your basement dry from outside problems so much easier.  No matter what your well is made of, we can cover it. We will suggest installation tips to help keep the elements out.  

We have told many customers that their well needs to be fixed first.  If the lip of your well is not above grade, no matter how you cover it, you will still get water cascading into your window well.  There are quite a few remedies to this problem that don’t involve digging up your yard.  We have the expertise to help you!

Types of Covers and Grates

Many of our recommended covers are made of clear, UV-treated polycarbonate. Manufactured in our factory in Walworth, WI, these covers are virtually unbreakable, and they are UV-treated to resist sun damage, fading, discoloration, and brittleness for many years to come. 


We offer covers in many heights and shapes, but many customers choose sloping, domed, or bubble-shaped covers, which have the advantage of shedding water away from your house. These well covers are easy to clean and generally require just an occasional spray with a hose to remain clear and bright.  If that isn’t enough, rinse the cover thoroughly with a hose, then use soap, water, and a soft cloth, then rinse again.  Paper towels will scratch.

If the area around your well sees a lot of foot traffic, or if waterproofing isn’t a concern, we also produce aluminum grates that can hold 400 hundred pounds of static weight while remaining light enough to pick up (for many sizes).  These covers may flex slightly when stepped on but are not slippery like plastic.

If you have more than occasional foot traffic, heavy-duty grates, and commercial-duty grates are also available. Please let our estimating team know what you need.

We also have many accessories to customize your cover so you get the best possible result.  Escape hatches are available on any covers that have over a 40” projection. These escape hatches make easy emergency escape possible for big, unwieldy covers. We’ve already discussed locks and hinges, look here for photo examples.

If you don’t like the look of your well from the inside, Decorative Liners are an option; and egress ladders are needed for any escape well over 44” deep.

Please give us a call at 888-650-9355 or use our request form to get in touch.  We are looking forward to helping you find the right solution for your home.

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