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Aluminum Window Well Grates

Let’s Talk Metal! Have you been making do?  Making do is ok for a stopgap measure, but is it safe? Aluminum grates are ideal for egress and larger size window wells. Their lightweight assures that your family can escape from a hazardous situation in your basement and allows for municipal code compliance, yet they are safe to walk on…

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Basement Finishing & Egress Window Well Installation

Renovated basements can be a great addition to your home. But, problems there can significantly decrease your property’s value, while cost-effective finishing work can add livable square footage, vastly increasing its value. The costs of this significant improvement project can be substantial. The national average price for a basement remodeling project can reach $2,436 –…

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How to install Window Well Covers

How do I install the cover? Is it easy? How long will it take? Our Sloped and Flat Fabricated Style Window Well Covers are easy for the average homeowner to install. However, it would be best to have a permanent marker, a drill, and a screwdriver. The manufacturing technician will mark the protective film on your cover approximately where the…

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Are your window well covers safe?

WindowWellExperts.com manufactures our clear plastic window well covers from an unbreakable type of plastic known as polycarbonate, sometimes referred to as Lexan™.  We UV treat our plastic so that it does not age prematurely.  They will not turn yellow, crack or fail completely no matter what happens to them. Rain, snow and ice will stay out of your window wells.  People, pets, and…

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Types and Options for Bubble Window Well Covers

Bubbles are the first thing that usually comes to mind when someone says “window well covers.”  Unlike many mass produced window well covers, our Bubble Domes are made of nearly indestructible polycarbonate (brand name Lexan®).  We make a variety of sizes that fit a number of common window well and window combinations.  We also offer a variety of…

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Sloped Low Profile Covers – Get Light in your Basement!

Sloped Low Profile Covers Our Sloped low-profile covers are a great way to let the light shine in your basement!  Unlike many mass-produced window well covers, our Sloped covers are made of nearly indestructible polycarbonate (brand name Lexan®).  The plastic we use is UV treated to prevent yellowing, cracking, and breaking under heavy snow and…

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The Amazing Atrium Dome

We encounter a wide variety of windows and window wells and not-quite-usual installation circumstances here at Window Well Experts. A common window installed in new construction and new egress installations is a crank-out or casement window. This style of window has some great advantages, like the opening mechanism is easy to reach and operate, and…

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Safety is our business!

Open window wells can be a hazard in your yard. Depending on where they are located, they can be dangerous for people, pets, and wildlife. That’s where we come into the picture. Every single cover that we build is made to hold 400 pounds, whether it’s a steel or aluminum safety grate or our clear polycarbonate covers….

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Why Cover Your Well?

There are several reasons to cover an open window well: ✓ First and foremost, SAFETY. At Window Well Experts, we pride ourselves on making tough, unbreakable protective covers that will protect your kids and pets from falls and injury and your basement windows from accidental breakage. Our covers are manufactured to bear 400 pounds. The UV-treated…

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