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DIY Decorations For a Thanksgiving Party

So many things go into a successful Thanksgiving dinner. The food, the decorations, the smells it’s all a part of hosting a great night. The most fun part about throwing a Thanksgiving party is decorating! So make crafting a huge part of getting ready for this joyous day. Impress your guests with decorations you made…

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Make Your Home Smell Like Fall Naturally

One of the best seasons of the year is here. Fall is such a beautiful time! Cool air is blowing, the leaves are changing, and you can smell pumpkin spice everywhere you go. All the stores you go in smell magical! You might wonder how you can make your house smell like this. Well, you…

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How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

You want the best possible health for your family. But, did you know the air quality in your home can cause some illnesses? The air quality in your home either contributes to your health or makes it worse. But, there are simple ways to improve air quality and reduce pollution in your house. In this…

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What You Need in an Outdoor Kitchen

Is entertaining your thing? What better way than having an outdoor kitchen! In this article, I’ll talk about all the details that will make an outdoor kitchen the most fantastic space at your house. Picture cooking for your friends and family and getting to hang out with them outside while you’re preparing the food! Let’s…

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How to Make a Home Safe for the Elderly

As your grandparents and parents get older, you’ll need to take good care of them and keep them safe inside their home. The elderly can’t get around like they used to, and they need some help around the house. When you’re not with them, you want to know that they are as safe as they…

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Ladder Dangers and Safety Tips

As a homeowner, you’ll use a ladder in many different situations. Knowing ladder safety is important because of the dangerous accidents that might happen while on the ladder. You might have to fix something inside or outside of the house, during holidays you might hang decorations up high, or something at a higher level on…

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Turn Your Basement Into a Gym

Want to have a place to exercise and workout in your home? The basement is the perfect area to set up an at home gym. You’ll need to know the best flooring choices, great paint colors, accessories and equipment to have to make an area you feel comfortable to workout in. Best Flooring Options You…

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Seven Easy Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

At one point or another, most of us have had a small bathroom we wish could be bigger. Maybe it was a tiny powder room, small upstairs bathroom, or a basement bathroom. No matter what bathroom it was, you always felt uncomfortable using it because it was such a tight space! Luckily, there are some…

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Home Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your entire home can seem like a daunting task. Instead of doing the whole house in one day, I suggest spreading it out into different times. Take it one room at a time. You’ll see that you end up cleaning that room even better when you do one a day. In this article, I’m…

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Awesome Ideas for a Kids Play Room

To keep the rest of your house sparkly clean, having a kids play room is a great idea! This keeps most of the mess in this one room instead of having toys all over the house. Making a special place for your kids will make them feel appreciated. With these ideas, the room will be…

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Move into Your New Home with Ease Having These Items

Moving into a new home can be a fun and challenging experience all at the same time. A new home brings so much excitement, yet so many responsibilities. To make your life easier, I wanted to make a list of things you will need to move into a new home. Even though it can be…

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Why Buy from Us? The Window Well Experts!

Like it says right in our name, we are experts in this field. We take pride in providing the highest quality products for your home. Window wells are more complex than people know. That is why we make all the items and products needed to complete a window well for you that is as safe…

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